AMD GPUs have been overclocking PCs with out permission

Image through AMD

Overclocking, the method of pushing a pc to work sooner than regular, is a typical factor for PC fanatics, however it’s often carried out fastidiously and exactly — and willingly. It seems AMD GPUs have been initiating the method with out permission from the consumer, which is not any good.

An AMD consultant confirmed as a lot to Tom’s Hardware. “We are aware of an issue in the AMD software suite that is adjusting certain AMD processor settings for some users,” the rep stated. “We are investigating the issue, and we’ll share more information as soon as we’re able.” The wrongdoer is the Ryzer Master module included within the Radeon Adrenalin GPU drivers. This characteristic is meant to make overclocking simpler for these , however it was unintentionally making adjustments mechanically, with out the consumer’s permission.

To be clear, that is nothing malicious on AMD’s half — it’s a bug that wants squashing. In the meantime, some PC house owners have used Radeon Software Slimmer to delete Ryzen Master. That’s not an official answer from AMD, so use warning in the event you’re not well-versed in such practices. Fortunately, AMD’s chips have built-in protections to forestall harm from overclocking.

AMD has been busy with work exterior of PCs too. FSR 2.0, the corporate’s newest enterprise in upscaling, is now supported on Xbox improvement kits.