Every Rogue Company character has their own distinct perks and abilities.

Rogue Company artwork
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In total, there are 25 Rogues/characters in Rogue Company right now, with more set to arrive in the future. Each of which falls into one of six different classes; Breachers, Defenders, Duelists, Intels, Snipers and Supports.

Every class has its own advantages and disadvantages. With each playing a certain role in the game. For example, Defenders are primarily focused on securing objective locations and slowing down enemy advances. While the Support class is designed to provide combat assistance for their teammates.

Without further ado, here are all of the Rogues/characters in Rogue Company as well as their respective class, perks and abilities.


Name Gender Primary Ability Passive Ability Perks
Dima Male MIRV Launcher Burned Berserker, Resupply, Armor, Stalker, Shredder Rounds, Bounce Back, Energized, Blaster
Gl1tch Male Hack Intuition Nimble Hands, Tracker Rounds, Energized, Tenacity, Padded Steps, Armor, Bounce Back, Gunsmith
Sigrid Female Ballistic Shield Athletic Nimble Hands, Blaster, Lifeline, Shredder Rounds, Tenacity, Energized, Bulletproof, Life Drain
Switchblade Female Chaos Launcher Fight and Flight Berserker, Volatile, Life Drain, Stalker, Gunsmith, Bulletproof, Blaster, Restock


Name Gender Primary Ability Passive Ability Perks
Anvil Male Barricade Immunity Berserker, Gunsmith, Lifeline, Tenacity, Replenish, Life Drain, Bulletproof, Armor
Cannon Male Gattling Gun Conflict Connoisseur] Shredder Rounds, Energized, Helping Hand, Evade, Bulletproof, Armor, Tenacity, Lifeline
Juke Female Laser Defense Drone Juke Boots Nimble Hands, Life Drain, Resupply, Stalker, Gunsmith, Bounce Back, Energized, Bulletproof
Mack Male Lightbomb Standard Issue Berserker, Blaster, Armor, Stalker, Gunsmith, Bounce Back, Crackshot, Restock
Trench Male Barbed Wire Grenade Gadget Up Stalker, Tracker Rounds, Resupply, Quick Hands, Helping Hand, Volatile, Energized, Armor
Vy Female Vile Poison Leeching Rounds Tenacity, Tracker Rounds, Resupply, Bounce Back, Replenish, Energized, Bulletproof, Volatile

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Name Gender Primary Ability Passive Ability Perks
Chaac Male Rage Grit Berserker, Shredder Rounds, Resupply, Stalker, Replenish, Life Drain, Energized, Tenacity
Kestrel Female Halo Drones Legend’s Contract Evade, Resupply, Life Drain, Stalker, Quick Hands, Blaster, Energized, Shredder Rounds
Lancer Female Quick and Quiet Elusive Stalker, Shredder Rounds, Resupply, Bounce Back, Energized, Padded Steps, Gun Smith, Life Drain
Ronin Female Ballistic Knife Underground Stalker, Tenacity, Energized, Nimble Hands, Gunsmith, Blaster, Shredder Rounds, Bounce Back
Scorch Female Overheat Fireproof Gunsmith, Shredder Rounds, Energized, Quick Hands, Volatile, Armor, Bounce Back, Tenacity
Umbra Male a-RC-nid Siphon Stalker, Hunter, Blaster, Replenish, Padded Steps, Life Drain, Gunsmith, Crackshot


Name Gender Primary Ability Passive Ability Perks
Dallas Male Target Finder Recharge Stalker, Shredder Rounds, Armor, Quick Hands, Bounce Back, Gunsmith, Spotter, Crackshot
Glimpse Female Camouflage Sleighty Stalker, Hunter, Tracker Rounds, Evade, Shredder Rounds, Padded Steps, Life Drain, Restock
Seeker Male Arrow Scanner Ricochet Berserker, Stalker, Armor, Nimble Hands, Lifeline, Life Drain, Tracker Rounds, Crackshot
Talon Male Radar Dart Mag Gloves Hunter, Shredder Rounds, Armor, Nimble Hands, Padded Steps, Lifeline, Tenacity, Crackshot


Name Gender Primary Ability Passive Ability Perks
Phantom Female Nano Smoke Grievous Wounds Nimble Hands, Gunsmith, Helping Hand, Stalker, Tracker Rounds, Crackshot, Shredder Rounds, Life Drain
The Fixer Male Thermal Vision Shrapnel Rounds Berserker, Resupply, Armor, Stalker, Energized, Padded Steps, Gunsmith, Crackshot


Name Gender Primary Ability Passive Ability Perks
Dahlia Female Danger Close Buddy System Shredder Rounds, Crackshot, Blaster, Tenacity, Replenish, Energized, Bounce Back, Lifeline
Runway Female Supply on Demand Fully Loaded Evade, Blaster, Armor, Stalker, Quick Hands, Helping Hands, Gunsmith, Energized
Saint Male Revive Drone Medical Expertise Resupply, Bounce Back, Lifeline, Tracker Rounds, Crackshot, Armor, Helping Hand, Energized

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