When you lead Selene through the hostile planet Atropos, you will travel through various biomes, which will completely change the appearance of the world. Every time you die, the game will switch these environments on schedule, so it won’t run exactly the same twice. But how many biomes are there in Returnal? This is all you need to know to be able to track the progress of each run.

To earn honor in the game, you must gradually complete all six biomes in Returnal. These biomes are essentially different areas in Atropos, which can change the environment in which you fight the enemy. Each biome has its own boss, you must defeat the boss to move on.

  • Overgrown Ruins
  • Crimson Wastes
  • Derelict Citadel
  • Echoing Ruins
  • Fractured Wastes
  • Abyssal Scar

Once the boss of the biome is defeated, you can pick up a key that allows you to easily enter the door of the next biome without having to fight the boss again in subsequent races. That said, defeating the boss will give you some powerful gear, so if you think you’re performing well, they’re worth fighting off.

However, just because you’ve reached the credits and seen all six biomes, it doesn’t mean you’ve completely completed Returnal. You still need to track down all the Sunface fragments scattered across the planet to get the true secret ending.

That’s all you need to know on how many biomes are in Returnal.