Jetpacks and gravity manipulators are wonderful things.

Tower of Fantasy
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The cool thing about hybrid fantasy settings like Tower of Fantasy is that there’s plenty of classic sword and sorcery-type stuff going on, but you can also have things like jetpacks, hoverboards, and gravity manipulators without seeming anachronistic. These futuristic doodads aren’t just there to be appreciated, though, they’re there for your benefit! Here are all of the Relics in Tower of Fantasy in how to use them.

Relics are equipable items in Tower of Fantasy that provide all kinds of benefits both in and out of combat. Some Relics improve your ability to maneuver around the overworld, some offer you enhanced defensive options, and of course, some tear holes through your enemies. The only catch is that you can’t have more than two Relics equipped at once, so you need to set up easily-swappable Relic Presets that you can switch to on the fly.

When you unlock Relics, you can equip two of them at once to your character in your inventory. You can change your equipped Relics and Relic Presets any time except when you’re in combat, so make sure you have a good preset set up before you get into a scrape.

Tower of Fantasy Relics List

SR Relics

  • Strange Cube: Alters gravity, suspending enemies in air while dealing damage.
  • Quantum Cloak: Become completely undetectable to enemies for 10 seconds, or until you attack.
  • Omnium Handcannon: Launch an Omnium Bomb that creates a climbable energy pillar straight up.
  • Missile Barrage: Place a missile launcher behind you that passively attacks enemies with missiles.
  • Magnetic Storm: Launch a tornado that passes at random through the field, launching and damaging enemies.
  • Magnetic Pulse: Launch a bomb that launches enemies on detonation and deals Volt damage. Also renders you immune to hitstun for 5 seconds.
  • Lava Bomb: Launch a bomb that launches enemies on detonation and deals heavy damage.
  • Jetpack: Dash and glide through the air. Can hold up to 2 charges at once.
  • Jetboard: Dash forward at high speed, damaging and launching any enemies in your path.
  • Hovering Cannon: Create a cannon that passively attacks enemies with lasers for 20 seconds.
  • Cybernetic Arm: Launch at an enemy to drag them close to you, dealing damage and suspending them in the air. Can also be used to grapple up walls.
  • Couant: Summon a drone that generates a shield around you for 5 seconds. When time runs out or the shield is attacked, nearby enemies are damaged and knocked back.
Alternate Destiny in tower of fantasy
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SSR Relics

  • Type V Armor: Summons a mech that you can pilot for 30 seconds. Armed with a powerful gun and melee attack and immune to hitstun.
  • Spacetime Rift: Launches a bomb that explodes into a gravity well, drawing in enemies and passively damaging them for 10 seconds.
  • Omnium Shield: Generate a shield with 200% of your health that blocks projectiles for 10 seconds.
  • Hologram Projector: Creates a duplicate of your character that repeats your actions and attacks, dealing 35% of the damage you deal for 10 seconds.
  • Drone: Summon a drone that passively reduces incoming damage for 15 seconds.
  • Confinement: Create a large cage that passively damages enemies with your equipped element for 10 seconds. Any enemy that touches the edge of the cage is stunned for 2 seconds.
  • Colossus Arm: Summon a pair of giant arms to attack foes for 20 seconds. Attacks deal heavy damage and launch enemies.
  • Alternate Destiny: Create a pocket dimension where you’re immune to hitstun and can’t drop below 20% health for 8 seconds.

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You can obtain more Relics by clearing story quests, exploring ruins, clearing daily quests, and assembling 20 Relic Shards. Collect them all and assemble your ideal pair of combat and traversal tools!