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IllFonic’s Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is right here, delivering gamers a really immersive expertise primarily based on the long-lasting world of Ghostbusters. Gamers can be tasked with carrying a number of hats, having the prospect to play as their very personal Ghostbuster and even one of many dozens of accessible Ghosts in-game. At the moment, we’ll expose the entire numerous characters accessible to play as in order that you realize precisely what you’re on the lookout for when you get began!

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Dressing Room
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So far as characters go, there are literally fairly a couple of that gamers are allowed to attempt their hand at. Although, it’s necessary to tell apart what all of it means.


When speaking about Ghostbusters, you’ll not be taking part in as any legacy characters, as an alternative creating your very personal character. You’ll get to decide on nearly each side of your character, altering their voice, face, physique form and pores and skin tone, garments, and even upgrading and sustaining your Ghostbusting gear.

You’ll be able to unlock new clothes gadgets and equipment by taking part in the game, leveling up, finishing jobs, and finishing contracts. It’s a fairly fulfilling expertise for individuals who have cherished the collection since they had been younger.

With a view to customise your character, you’ll be able to change their cosmetics through the dressing cubicles in the primary hub space, and their gear in Ed’s workplace upstairs.

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There are 5 completely different sorts of Ghosts to select from, with every class having its personal distinctive variants. Not solely do these numerous sorts of Ghosts have their very own strengths and weaknesses, however gamers can customise their skills too. There’s additionally a good bit of customization, with completely different colorways to unlock for each.


  • Winky
  • Brainy
  • Pokey
  • Slimer


  • Drake
  • Infernal
  • Wraith


  • Lunk
  • Squidler
  • Gloom


  • Shriek
  • Chomp
  • Bramble


  • Zappy
  • Gnasher
  • Toxie

To play as a Ghost, you’ll must have performed as a Ghostbuster for a bit till you’ve performed sufficient missions to get you to stage 3. At that time, you’ll be able to enter the ghost dimension through the ebook on the counter in Ray’s store. There, you’ll be capable to select your Ghost and swap skills too.

That’s all there may be to find out about the entire playable characters in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed! You’ll want to try a few of our different useful Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed guides for much more help!