Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Trial of the Dragon King
Image via Square Enix

Stranger of Paradise: Trials of the Dragon King is out now, and with it comes a flurry of new content. From new jobs, weapons, and equipment to a couple of new bosses, there’s a lot to be excited for. What’s more, this is only the first of three confirmed DLC. So, what has been added in terms of bosses?

New Bosses in Trials of the Dragon King


It only makes sense to start off with the Dragon King itself — Bahamut. As you enter the battlefield, not a moment is wasted on pleasantries. Bahamut immediately starts attacking you, so you might want to cast some protective spells over your party before starting the fight. The Dragon King’s moves are telegraphed, for the most part. It can use Flare Breath, which is a projectile from its mouth, but also Dragon Claws, which is exactly what it sounds like. Dragon Impulse is a melee ability that inflicts AoE damage.

Thankfully, Bahamut’s Overdrive is easily avoidable, as long as you stay agile. Dragon Blade is tricky, as it seems to be a move that launches homed missiles at the player. It also has Gigaflare at its side, but that’s also — thankfully — not a deal breaker. If you can dodge each of the Dragon King’s attacks and continue to inflict regular damage, taking it down shouldn’t be too much of an ask.

Warrior of Light

In what looks to be a play on a scene from the original Final Fantasy, our second new boss fight is against The Warrior of Light. It would be against all four of them, but 3/4 are removed in the opening cutscene. I guess there is such a thing as overkill, even in Stranger of Paradise.

The Warrior of Light — unlike Bahamut — is a smaller, more nimble target. It would be a good thing for you to keep that in mind before the fight begins. He can use Shining Wave, an aerial attack that sends a shockwave in any given direction, as well as Divine Protection, which buffs him with several status perks.

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At some point, you’ll initiate the second phase of this fight. The Warrior will stick to his usual moves, but he’ll throw in Shield of Light, which reduces any damage sent his way, as well as Radiant Slash, which sends several energy slashes in the player’s direction. He can also use Shining Saber, which is a giant, horizontal slash that seems difficult to dodge. But, he tends to stick to these moves. If you can keep your distance and get close only to attack, then you should have no problem beating The Warrior of Light!!

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