All Neon White Weapons, Listed
Image through Angel Matrix/Annapurna Interactive

In Neon White, the Believers of heaven present the titular protagonist with a bevy of “Soul Cards,” heavenly weapons that operate equally to conventional firearms. These weapons aren’t simply weapons, although; they’re your primary technique of traversal, and familiarizing your self with them is the important thing to getting the most effective stage occasions. Here’s an inventory of all of Neon White’s weapons.

Every weapon in Neon White has a main fireplace mode that works the way in which you’d anticipate from the image on their respective Soul Card. In addition to that, although, each weapon has a “Discard” impact, a secondary capability you may set off for particular traversal skills and assaults. You’ll discover particular weapons in each stage based mostly on the trail you’re meant to journey, nevertheless it wouldn’t harm to know what you have to be anticipating.

White’s Katana

Your default weapon is White’s trusty katana. It has no Discard impact and is all the time stored in reserve for whenever you don’t have some other Soul Cards available. It solely hits immediately in entrance of you and doesn’t do a lot injury, so it’s based mostly saved just for emergency conditions. It is helpful for whenever you wish to activate one thing like a merchandising machine or an explosive barrel with out losing your Soul Card ammo, although. Just attempt to not burn up all the costs, as a result of then you definitely’ll be left with simply White’s fists, that are much more ineffectual.


The yellow Soul Card, Elevate features like a typical semiautomatic pistol. Every squeeze of the set off lets unfastened one medium-damage shot, a few which is able to kill fundamental demons. Elevate’s Discard impact is an additional leap, good for each getting somewhat additional elevation and holding your self airborne throughout quick distances.


The purple Soul Card, Purify features like an assault rifle. Hold down the set off to fireplace off an automated burst of shots in a more-or-less straight line, mopping up each low and mid-strength demons fairly rapidly. Purify’s Discard impact is a sticky explosive, launching straight within the route you’re wanting. Not solely does this explosive deal heavy injury, however you need to use the burst to launch your self up and much. Make positive to apply timed Purify bombs to bounce from wall to wall.


The green Soul Card, Stomp features like a submachine gun. Hold down the set off for an automated spray of weak, but quick shots. Stomp has a large unfold, not nice for distant targets, however higher for nearer threats. Stomp’s Discard impact is a stomp assault straight downwards, producing a harmful shockwave upon impression. Stomp is important to smash by pink boards, and the shockwave also can set off explosive barrels to launch you. Just ensure that there’s floor underneath you earlier than you employ it!

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The blue Soul Card, Godspeed features like a semiautomatic rifle. Every squeeze of the set off unleashes a strong, straight shot with an extended distance. Powerful and exact, Godspeed is sweet for preemptively coping with demons you don’t wish to get in your means whereas platforming. Godspeed’s Discard impact is a straight horizontal sprint, needed for crossing vast gaps, that additionally destroys any demon you cross by. Combined with playing cards like Elevate, a Godspeed sprint can get you nearly anyplace.


The pink Soul Card, Fireball features like a shotgun. Squeeze the set off to fireplace off a burst of shots with a large unfold. It can’t hit distant targets for beans, however up shut, it might eradicate nearly any demon in a single or two shots. Fireball’s Discard impact is an explosive launch in no matter route you’re dealing with. It’s the most effective elements of Godspeed and Elevate in a single bundle; you may go up, sideways, or no matter means you need, and something unlucky sufficient to be standing in your path will get smoked.

All Neon White Weapons, Listed
Image through Angel Matrix/Annapurna Interactive


The mild blue Soul Card, Dominion features like a rocket launcher. Squeeze the set off to launch an explosive in a straight line that detonates on impression, destroying most demons immediately. The detonation can be used to launch you, very like Purify’s Discard. Dominion’s Discard impact is a grappling hook you need to use to drag your self to any floor in firing vary. Use the first fireplace to get airborne, then swing from wall to wall with the Discard.

The Final Weapon (Spoilers!)

The last weapon, solely out there on the True Ending path within the game’s final mission, is the Book of Life. Every shot from the Book of Life that hits its goal will each immediately destroy it and immediately launch you to where it as soon as was. The Book of Life’s shot can hit an enemy at any distance; so long as you may have line of sight, you may shoot them.