MLB The Show 22
MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 is officially out, and it looks really cool. MLB introduces new options and controls with each season. While there are several ways to strike out a player, you must ensure that your settings are properly adjusted. To do so, you must first fine-tune your pitching parameters. These are some of the most adjustable options available. So, here’s our breakdown to all of the pitching options in MLB the Show 22.

All Pitching Settings in MLB The Show 22

There are over five Pitching Interface settings. But before we get on with that, we suggest you change the Pitching View settings. You can customize it depending on the camera angle best suitable for you.


  • It is the simplest and perhaps the best setting for the players who have just started with MLB.
  • You need to just select the pitch and its location.
  • Then, as you throw the ball, let the attributes of the pitcher handle the rest.
  • With a pitcher having overall high stats, there’s no chance of the batter hitting a home run.

Reasons to choose: This option is ideal for new players to begin with. There aren’t many complicated mechanics preventing you from striking out the hitter.


  • Pulse Pitching is an extended version of Classic Pitching as it offers you a pulsing circle to throw the ball.
  • After you have selected the pitch and the location, you need to time your throw perfectly.
  • The smaller the pulsing circle, the more accurate the throw will be.
  • The delivery of the ball also depends on the pitcher you have selected.

Reasons to choose: This level is best suited for those who excel in timing and precision. It is a little more difficult than the Classic pitch.


  • Meter setting can control the velocity and accuracy of the ball.
  • Once you have selected the pitch and location, hit the button a couple of times to throw the ball accurately.
  • Upon hitting the button once, you need to time the meter for the velocity.
  • Then, you need to time the meter to set the accuracy.

Reasons to choose: Meter pitching is best suited for those who can time their pitches exactly. Fastballers who master this setting will be able to pitch their ball to perfection.

Pure Analog

This setting is slightly similar to the Meter setting.

  • As you select and locate the pitch, you need to time and throw the ball when it reaches the yellow line.
  • If you release the ball early below the yellow line, it will be lower.
  • While if you release it early above the line, the thrown ball will be at a higher elevation.

Reasons to choose: Best suited for players that prefer using analog sticks rather than buttons.


  • Although most of the veteran players love this setting, the players that have started with the game are understandably irritated by it.
  • Maybe because the Pinpoint setting is slightly more complex than the rest of them.
  • After you set the pitch and location, you need to make a gesture prompted on the screen using the right stick.
  • The faster you trace the gesture, the more accurate and faster the pitch will be.

Reasons to choose: This setting is ideal for experienced players with a high level of expertise. However, if you are skilled with analogue sticks, this option should work for you as well.