Everyone wants to know about the loot boxes in Pax City in Outriders, because the drop is good overall and everyone wants to get some in the game. While most of the game mechanics revolve around finding better gear and weapons, there’s no question that you can’t ignore all of the loot boxes in Pax City. If you want to know the location of all these people, be sure to check.

Loot Chest 1

The first Loot Box can be found in the port. All you have to do is go to the entrance of the building on the left side of the main building, and then you will find the box at the entrance.

Loot Chest 2

Look for a building with a door, enter the place, when you turn around, you will find a second loot box.

Loot Chest 3

To do this you need to get to the city gate, once you go up the stairs here go left at the top. You should be able to see the third frame there.

Loot Chest 4

Go to the palace guard, you should be able to see a truck outside the location entrance, drive straight from here, and once you get to the stone structure, you should see the box on the left.

Loot Chest 5

Get to the Monroe Palace, as soon as you enter, go straight ahead and you will soon find what you are looking for.

Loot Chest 6

This can also be found in the Monroy Palace, all you have to do is go to the statue, then walk from here to the balcony and find it outside.

Loot Chest 7

From the top box looking in the opposite direction, when you get to the end, go left. Now all you have to do is keep going and then turn left again when you are outside. Go down the stairs to the right and turn left again.

Loot Chest 8

You should be able to see a flowerbed near the place where you found the seventh box. This flowerbed is right behind the flowers.

Loot Chest 9

Go to the Crimsonleaf yard, look for a truck under the arch and find it next to the truck.

Loot Chest 10

You will have to go to the Colosseum square, once you enter through the main entrance, turn left after the third pillar, here you will find the last loot box from Outriders’ Pax City.

The game won’t explore much near you, but some of these loot boxes may be cleverly hidden and it may take some time to find.