All Live A Live Primary Characters And Which Chapter to Discover Them
Image through Nintendo/Square Enix

Live A Live’s primary hook is that, quite than a single overarching story, it’s made up of a number of unbiased tales, every with its personal plot and conclusion. Each of those tales has its personal protagonist, the character you’ll be instantly controlling and attending to know. All of those characters, in flip, will assist paint the singular level that each story finally results in. Here’s an inventory of All Live A Live primary characters and which chapter to search out them in.

While there’s technically a development from story to story, as every chapter takes place in a distinct time interval, you aren’t required to play them so as. You can begin on the previous and work your technique to the longer term, or simply choose and select the chapters in no matter order strikes your curiosity. The solely catch is that there are two chapters that may solely be performed when each different chapter has been accomplished.

The chapters and their primary characters are as follows:

Prehistory – The First: Pogo

This chapter takes place within the time earlier than time, the period of cavemen. There is not any dialogue on this chapter as a result of, nicely, language hasn’t been invented but, however everybody can nonetheless convey their emotions via numerous grunts and shouts. Our hero is Pogo, a younger cave lad who appoints himself the bodyguard of a younger lady who was set to be sacrificed to a dinosaur god.

Imperial China – The Successor: Earthen Heart Shifu

This chapter takes place in Imperial China and follows an aged kung fu practitioner recognized solely because the Earthen Heart Shifu. The Shifu is getting on in years, so to make sure his private model of kung fu stands the take a look at of time, he seeks out three younger abilities to coach and take up his mantle.

Twilight of Edo Japan – The Infiltrator: Oboromaru

This chapter takes place in feudal Japan, where a neighborhood warlord has struck a discount with demonic forces to throw the land into chaos. To stop this, rookie ninja Oboromaru should infiltrate the warlord’s fortress and rescue the politician that’s set to be sacrificed.

The Wild West – The Wanderer: The Sundown Kid

This chapter takes place within the sun-soaked deserts of the Wild West. A wandering outlaw, the Sundown Kid, meets his longtime rival for a shootout, just for them to finish up teaming as much as defend a frontier city from roving bandits.

All Live A Live Primary Characters And Which Chapter to Discover Them
Image through Nintendo/Square Enix

Present Day – The Strongest: Masaru Takahara

This chapter takes place within the modern-day. Hot-blooded marital artist Masaru Takahara needs to be the strongest combatant on the planet, and to make that occur, he’s going to punch and kick his technique to the highest of the worldwide combating circuit, taking down masters in each model there’s.

The Near Future – The Outsider: Akira

This chapter takes place within the not-too-distant future, where science and expertise have reached new heights. Our hero is an orphan named Akira who possesses unusual psychokinetic skills. Akira makes use of these skills to pursue a biker gang that’s been kidnapping youngsters for a darkish function.

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Far Future – Mechanical Heart: Cube

This chapter takes place far into the longer term when mankind has taken to the celebs. Aboard the delivery vessel Cogito Ergo Sum, a helper robotic named Cube is activated simply because the ship’s cargo, an alien Behemoth, escapes and begins looking down the crew.

The Middle Ages – The Lord of Dark: Oersted

This chapter takes place in a time of swords and magic and is simply playable after each different chapter has been accomplished. Our hero is Oersted, a knight tasked with defeating the Lord of Dark to rescue the kidnapped princess.

When all of those chapters are crushed, you’ll have one final chapter to undergo, however we’ll simply preserve the main points on that one to ourselves. We will say, although, that simply because the entire primary characters have their very own unbiased tales, that doesn’t imply you don’t have to preserve them correctly leveled. Trust me, you’ll be glad you probably did.