hitman 3
hitman 3

In “Hitman 3”, you are generally asked to find your way through closed doors that cannot be opened with a pick or crowbar. Instead, you have to find a specific combination and unlock it by entering the correct password. Fortunately, in the world of killers, people write padlock combinations on clearly visible sticky notes or whiteboards, so they can usually be skipped by looking around.

All Dubai keypads

Staff area: The staff area is located behind the large stairs that lead to the atrium. Turn left after ascending and there will be a door on your right. The code here is written on the large board in the meeting room, but if it’s not there already, the code is 4706.

Security Room: In Dubai Level 3 Security Room, you will find another keypad. But rest assured, this is also easy to understand. In this room, there are several bulletin boards. Corresponding to the safe on the other side of the room is a message with “Security Code 6927”. There is no reward for guessing the wrong password: 6927. Inside, you will find an evacuation card that allows you to activate your evacuation from the top floor.

Penthouse guest room safe: If you go upstairs to the guest room, maybe the Bird Of Prey story has just finished and the person who killed Carl Ingram can enter the guest from the upstairs apartment (the top floor of the entire building). ) Lying down. Here’s a key lock safe. Fortunately, that very clever soul closed the safe and left a note on the monitor in the same room on the table. It says “7465, remember to reset this password!”, But they obviously haven’t figured it out because the password is still 7465. You will find information about partners and upcoming goals. It seems that someone has rushed out of this room.

All Dartmoor keypads

Alexa’s Case File Safe: If you’ve been listening to Alexa’s guards, you may know that she’s hiding the file in a safe behind a painting in her office. Press the button on the chair to zoom out and then check the clues in the safe. There is a clock, a telescope, a fire, and a moose. The little clock under the office stairs has a 1 underneath. There are 9 telescopes upstairs, 7 over the fireplace, and 5 behind the moose over the door. This means that the password for the Alexa Safe Keyboard is 1975.

All Berlin keypads

Club Basement Safe: Found in the bottom level of the club, the office safe’s clue is explained by the nearby staff as the year of the Berlin Wall’s destruction. That year was 1989.

All Chongqing keypads

Hush’s keypad: Up in the room Hush is hanging out in, there’s a giant whiteboard with the safe code for the doors on it. The number is 2552. This passcode will work for all the doors in Hush’s building.

ICA Facility Entrances: An employee wandering outside will say the verification code out loud and somehow may get fired from the secret murder organization. The code for the ICA back door is 0118, which is also the code required to enter the laundry room and all keypad lockable doors in the ICA facilities area.

All Mendoza keypads

Wine vault: To turn off the laser in the sommelier’s vault (accessible by unlocking from the terminal in the security room upstairs) and get the good old wine, you need to confirm the password on the keyboard. Fortunately, if you’ve been listening, you know exactly what you’re looking for. The note on the keyboard reads “This is an old-fashioned year.” Check your information: Mr. Yates has been talking about bringing quality wines to his guests and when was the harvest done? In 1945. You can also eavesdrop on them saying that the password is “the last year of WWII, if you have to look up and feel ashamed of yourself,” then you know. The code is 1945. It is not the most subtle, ha ha.

Basement safe: In the basement, the guards will start talking about the security code for the year Don Yates and his wife were married. When is that? Well, in the room upstairs in Yates, you can rescue Diana in the “Final Declaration” mission story, which has a “Crystal Anniversary” calendar. What is the Crystal Anniversary? Well this means Yates will be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary in 2021, which means the code for the basement is 2006. The basement key is also in the same bedroom as the calendar.

All Caparthian Mountains keypads

I found only one keyboard in the Caparthian Mountains during the final stage of the event. This is a similar nose. There is a huge sign on the wall near the keyboard that says “1979” in capital letters. I can’t guess that the keyboard code is 1979, so there is no reward.