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Followers are the spine of Cult of the Lamb; with out followers, you wouldn’t be capable of handle your cult! Followers are indisputably essential in Cult of the Lamb, however not all followers are essentially made equal on this game. All followers include their very own set of traits, often with one good trait and one unhealthy trait (often you’ll get a follower with two unhealthy traits or two good traits, nevertheless).

A follower’s usefulness depends on which traits they’ve; if a follower has a good good trait however a actually horrible unhealthy trait, it might imply hassle in your cult. Declaring doctrines and introducing Cult Traits could make sure followers slightly higher, however Cult Traits can solely achieve this a lot. This is an entire listing of doable follower traits in Cult of the Lamb to look out for throughout your playthrough.

Most follower traits in Cult of the Lamb might be gained naturally, by changing followers into your cult. There are, nevertheless, a couple of good traits that may be gained by way of rituals or by declaring new doctrines; traits gained by way of this technique are referred to as “Cult Traits” as a result of they apply to each follower in your cult. The Grass Eater trait, for instance, can solely be gained by way of declaring the Grass Eater doctrine at your temple, and applies to your entire cult’s followers. Here are the entire obtainable follower traits in Cult of the Lamb:

  • Sloth – Work and devotion technology pace are lowered by 10%.
  • Strong Constitution – Will heal 15% quicker when sick and when on mattress relaxation.
  • Cynical – 15% tougher to stage up.
  • Devotee – Gain extra Faith when delivering a each day Sermon.
  • Belief in Original Sin – Reduced lack of Faith when placing a follower in jail who just isn’t dissenting towards the cult.
  • Natural Skeptic – Immediately lose 10 Faith when recruiting a brand new follower.
  • Respect Your Elders – Gain 5 Faith when a follower reaches previous age in your cult.
  • Gullible – 15% simpler to stage up.
  • Zealous – Ignores Dissenters after they preach.
  • Coprophiliac – Gain 10 Faith when falling in poor health.
  • False Idols – Gain extra Faith when inserting a ornament constructing.
  • Terrified of Death – Lose 5 Faith when one other follower dies.
  • Sickly – Heals 15% slower when sick and on mattress relaxation.
  • Materialistic – Gain Faith when constructing higher sleeping quarters.
  • Prohibitionism – Increase work pace and devotion technology by 10% after the Brainwashing Ritual, however 50% likelihood of followers turning into sick after the ritual is carried out.
  • Naturally Obedient – Immediately acquire 10 Faith upon recruiting this follower.
  • Faithful – Generates devotion 15% quicker.
  • Belief in Sacrifice – Gain 20 Faith each time a follower is sacrificed.
  • Faithless – Generates devotion 15% slower.
  • Germaphobe – Lose 10 Faith when falling in poor health.
  • Belief in Absolution – Gain 10 Faith for day-after-day that begins with no follower in jail.
  • Sacral Architecture – Gain 5 Faith each time a brand new constructing is constructed.
  • Grass Eater – No Faith is misplaced when a follower eats a grass meal.
  • Against Sacrifice – Lose 5 Faith each time a follower is sacrificed.
  • Good Die Young – Gain 10 Faith each time an elder follower is murdered, sacrificed, or consumed, however lose 20 Faith if an elder follower dies naturally.
  • Immortal – Will by no means attain previous age.
    • This trait is unique to The One Who Waits.
  • Industrious – Increases work pace by 15%.
  • Cannibal – Gain 5 Faith when a follower eats a meal manufactured from follower meat.
  • Substances Encouraged – Gain 20 Faith when the Brainwashing Ritual is carried out.
  • Belief in Afterlife – Lose 5 Faith as an alternative of 20 when a follower dies (by any means).
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Top 5 Best Follower Traits

  • Belief in Sacrifice – This trait is among the finest follower traits in Cult of the Lamb. There comes a time in everybody’s playthrough where they need to sacrifice a follower for the larger good; you don’t need your followers to start out dissenting each time you do what must be performed. Unfortunately, this trait is among the Cult Traits that may solely be gained by declaring new doctrines. Still, this trait is greater than well worth the effort of gaining in your cult!
  • Grass Eater – Grass Eater definitely is among the hottest traits within the game, and for good purpose. You can unintentionally construct up large quantities of grass when happening crusades, and you’ll’t do a lot with it till a lot later within the game (when it may be used as gas or fertilizer). Grass Eater is among the finest traits to get early within the game, as a result of it supplies a handy meals source in your followers, and since it lastly removes all that grass clogging up your stock!
  • Gullible – Everyone needs sturdy followers, however nobody needs to need to put within the work to make them sturdy. The Gullible trait, fortunately, takes a variety of the work out of toughening up your followers; followers with the Gullible trait can get stronger a lot quicker than different followers!
  • Zealous – Zealous is an indisputably wonderful trait for a follower to have. Once dissenters begin preaching, they’ve the potential to deliver the entire cult down with them! Murdering, re-educating, or imprisoning dissenters could be a problem, so the less dissented followers there are, the higher. Followers with the Zealous trait are priceless as a result of they may refuse to hearken to dissenters, and can stay loyal to you it doesn’t matter what.
  • Faithful – Everybody loves having extra devotion in Cult of the Lamb; extra devotion means extra development for the cult and extra goodies you’ll be able to unlock! If you get your fingers on a variety of followers with the Faithful trait, you possibly can be producing large quantities of devotion day-after-day!

Top 5 Worst Follower Traits

  • Terrified of Death – Death simply often occurs in a demonic cult, particularly when your cult is run by an indebted vessel within the title of a banished god. So when a follower has the Terrified of Death trait, not solely does it not make a lot sense, however it could possibly additionally imply hassle for the Faith of your cult. With the entire pure deaths, murders, sacrifices, and ascensions happening, the Terrified of Death trait can severely decrease your cult’s Faith stage, which might result in dissenting followers.
  • Against Sacrifice – Sacrifices additionally simply often occur in demonic cults, it actually simply comes with the territory. This trait doesn’t make far more sense than the Terrified of Death trait, and it could possibly additionally imply critical hassle in your cult’s Faith stage. At sure factors in your playthrough, sacrifices simply turn into essential; you don’t need your cultists to dissent each time it’s important to sacrifice a follower.
  • Natural Skeptic – This trait is simply extra inconvenient than something. If you’re planning on recruiting a follower with the Natural Skeptic trait, be able to lose 10 Faith instantly. It’s not an enormous quantity of Faith to lose solely as soon as, however it’s nonetheless not essentially the most optimistic solution to begin off a follower’s indoctrination into your bizarre little household. At least this trait doesn’t make you lose 10 Faith each time you recruit different followers into the cult!
  • Sloth – This trait isn’t the worst, however it could possibly nonetheless be very inconvenient in the event you’re making an attempt to be environment friendly. Followers with the Sloth trait will work and generate devotion 10% slower than different followers, so in the event you convert a follower with the Sloth trait, you should definitely not assign them any duties you wish to be performed shortly.
  • Good Die Young – The Good Die Young trait is among the most inconvenient follower traits in Cult of the Lamb. This trait makes it so, basically, you’ll be able to solely sacrifice aged followers. There’s nothing actually incorrect with that, and in the event you didn’t lose 20 Faith each time an aged follower died of pure causes, this trait wouldn’t be all of the unhealthy. 20 Faith is lots to lose suddenly, and aged followers don’t follow a really strict schedule after they’re near dying. If one occurs to kick the bucket whilst you’re away on a campaign, you’ll be able to anticipate to come back again to a camp filled with vomit, illness, a useless physique, dissenters (from low Faith ranges), and lots much less Faith than you began out with. This trait is among the Cult Traits, although it’s not clear why anybody would select to be caught with this trait for the remainder of their playthrough.
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Follower traits are far more essential than you would possibly suppose in Cult of the Lamb, particularly the traits that followers come naturally with (as a result of they will’t be modified). Cult Traits are very priceless as a result of they will mitigate the uselessness of a follower with unhealthy traits, although they will actually solely go up to now, particularly if the follower has a actually unhealthy trait mixture. Gamer Journalist has quite a few guides on Cult of the Lamb identical to this one; stick to Gamer Journalist in the event you ever get caught or have questions on this game!