Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2

There are several side quests in Dying Light 2, which will provide you with different items. Some of them are safes that require codes to open. In this guide we will tell you the codes of all the safes in Dying Light 2, in case you fail to figure it out.

  • First Biomarker quest safe code: 973 | Location: North of Houndfield
  • Treasure Hunt quest safe code: 032167 | Location: North of Muddy Grounds
  • Military Airdrop Downtown safe code: 313 | Location: East of Downtown
  • Moonshine quest safe code: 1492 | Location: South of Horseshoe
  • Nightrunner’s Hideout safe code: 101 | Location: East of Houndfield
  • Broadcast quest safe code: 314 | Location: South of Garrison
  • Church Tower safe code: 510 | Location: Bazaar in Old Villedor