building up close and personal relationships in Potion Permit
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There is a lot of life simulator fun to be had in Potion Permit. The game offers a lot of exploring and crafting. You’ll spend days gathering and creating things but also befriending the villagers of the small town of Moonbury. But why stop with befriending? Maybe there’s something more there between you and a villager. Who could it be? Who might strike your fancy? Yes, you can romance a few select bachelors and bachelorettes of Moonbury, and here’s how you do it. This is a list of all possible romance options in Potion Permit.

List of Romantic Candidates

You can only seduce and woo six possible townsfolk of Moonbury in Potion Permit. Your choice of gender at the beginning of the game does not affect who you can or can not form a close relationship with. All six options are available at all times, it just depends on who you spend time with the most. To learn on how to befriend them quickly and get to the point of becoming more than friends, click here. Now on to our list.

Women Bachelorettes

Rue – The daughter of Moonbury’s Mayor and the main reason you are brought to the town. Curing her is the first thing to you do, perhaps she’s a bit smitten with her hero who helped cure her illness

Martha – The waitress of the Lazy Bowl Tavern. She’s the one who helps you start making friends in Moonbury in the first place. Without her maybe you couldn’t befriend people as fast. Maybe there were some ulterior motives there and she just wants you to notice her.

Leano – The tough and gorgeous retired pirate captain. She runs the fishing shop north of the town. No doubt her beauty many a person has gone after, maybe you can traverse those seas better.

The Manly Bachelors

Reyner – Moonbury’s resident carpenter and who you go for to help build and improve both your home and clinic. It makes sense once you start spending more time with him helping improve your living and work conditions that you could very quickly build up your bond with him.

Xiao – The mayor’s number one assistant who helps keep the town running. The dark silent type and a hard worker, there’s just something about those that make you want to shoot your shot.

Matheo – Moonbury’s Witch Doctor. This is an odd one to be sure. He spends most of the early game saying a chemist from the capital can not be trusted and you’re wasting the town’s time. Though I guess some of the best love stories are enemies into lovers.