Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
All correct Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Huddle answers

Eidos Montreal and publisher Square Enix have officially published Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The correct Guardians of the Galaxy Huddle replies may make or break a fight. Huddle, is a highly important ability that allows players to give themselves and their team – a damage boost. Whether your team receives the boost depends on your choice to options. These are all the tested correct huddle answers in GOTG.

  • Enemies are melting/Magnificent – Stay focused and it will be even more magnificent!
  • Slower than me/50 units – This isn’t a competition. Guardians win fights together.
  • Splat/No way we lose – We only lose if we get lost in the paint!
  • In the way/Winning – Stop arguing! We’ll have more fun winning this as a team.
  • Celebrate/Carve our names – Don’t celebrate too soon. We win by staying focused.
  • I’ve got this/Murder you – Take it easy! We’ve got this together.
  • Turn this around/Scutplugs – I am looking and I see an awesome team ripping those scutplugs apart.
  • Unless/But what if – Thinking about “what ifs” only leads to trouble. Stay focused.
  • Look like amateurs/Unproven – We’re pros! We’ve proven it hundreds of times before this.
  • See that look/Fun – Stay focused and the fun will continue.
  • Sloppy and erratic/Brain-dead – Guys! Stop with the insults! We’re a team and we’ll fight like one!
  • Laughing at us!/Scary – Laugh in the face of danger
  • For one/Out of my way – It’s not about fighting alone. We need to be united.
  • Everything we got/Run – We’re fighters! Run now and we betray everything we are.
  • This excited/Boom! – I get that you’re excited. But we gotta stay loose to win.
  • Losers/Match for – Don’t get cocky just ’cause we know the game!
  • If we go down/Galaxy – The galaxy needs saving and we’re the ones to do it!
  • Blades are thirsty/Run right in – Running around like madmen won’t work.
All correct Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Huddle answers

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