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I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is all about traversing your younger participant character by their adolescence and blossoming right into a useful cog inside their colony. Relevant to how one can customise them and what their finish objective turns into throughout the span of a decade as you begin out on the age of 10 up till you attain 20 years of age, your prioritisation in 15 abilities as you develop and develop are the primary enjoying subject of the game, actually and metaphorically.

Here’s the breakdown for all of them wherein can all the time be displayed on the left facet of the display beneath the participant character’s everchanging portrait illustration (all the time a pleasant consideration to element there).

All 15 Skills and What They Mean in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

  • Social abilities: Empathy, Persuasion, Creativity, Bravery
  • Mental abilities: Reasoning, Organising, Engineering, Biology
  • Physical abilities: Toughness, Perception, Combat, Animals

While different abilities are hidden stats associated to sure story paths and character parameters associated to their very own progress and arcs, the opposite parameters of Kudos, Stress and Rebellion are additionally vital to regulate.

How do I improve and affect these stats?

Each location and exercise all the time highlights which abilities they improve and so they range in what they cowl and affect. For instance, Command centre tends to extend organising and persuasion, Engineering sector will increase reasoning and engineering, the Garrison can improve bravery and toughness, Geoponics can improve biology and animals, Living Quarters will increase empathy and creativity and Expeditions improve fight and notion.

These additionally embrace some actions that may turn into unlocked when levelling up every sector for extra actions to take up that may improve different stats exterior of the sector’s norms. Alongside this issue is how growing talent ranges unlock perks for extra ease in enjoying the game. An instance of that is unlocking extra areas in your gear part with just one being accessible at first with three different slots being locked initially. There can also be all the time a risk in will increase your bond with others that share the identical talent units or who you’re employed alongside throughout these actions. As particular examples, interacting with Tangent all the time tends to extend psychological abilities while Anemone influences bodily abilities.

Taking a month off in whichever manner is the one exercise choice that doesn’t award factors in abilities. It as an alternative offers you a month off to alleviate stress which can be a necessity at instances when your stress stage each bodily and mentally are exhausted, stopping you from selecting up some other type of exercise that isn’t stress-free your tense muscle mass and overworked mind.

Your revolt stage would be the most narrative defining stage of all of them, significantly influencing your participant character’s mentality and the course that the colony goes into in its latter phases and years which is all the time price keeping track of to outweigh how its ending performs out. With Kudos, you possibly can spend them within the provide depot within the Command sector to buy muffins to reward characters to extend relationship factors with and equipment gadgets to help in card battles.

Which ought to I prioritize?

Prioritising sure abilities, or extra particularly one explicit talent and people related to it in a single playthrough is the best strategy to play I Was a Teenage Exocologist. This signifies that you can be succeeding in each single motion and response that requires the actual talent and set you’re specializing in to be accomplished with out fault, knocking out most penalties that include constructing your participant character up on this explicit manner.

This means for streamlining your actions to be as pure as doable, together with your participant character shaping as much as be a specific type of individual where the epilogue will all the time point out a brand new future and illustration to showcase the participant character working in a distinct subject of experience each time. Since there’s 29 endings, enjoying round with what abilities you prioritise in every run is a crucial activity at hand in exploring what the game has to supply in its entirety.

Playing by the game so many instances is a given to expertise it absolutely, so streamlining it in such a strategy to tailor your participant character into a selected talent set and position will make it a lot simpler in deciphering where precisely you have to be altering it up in your later playthroughs. You can be shaping them in several methods every time to expertise new occasions, and therefor, unlocking much more new recollections.

To sum up

Skill factors are rewarded throughout your entire game, from all the cardboard challenges, friendship constructing, and narrative decisions. At the identical time, many choices can and can be locked behind talent level parameters, so it’s best to hone in on explicit abilities to ace these ones and keep in mind to discover the opposite abilities to expertise these unobtainable ones in previous lives. Remember that no quantity of trying to juggle all these potential talent swimming pools can lead to experiencing your entire game in a single playthrough. Experience each single new alternative every time and wherever you possibly can – it’s the intention of the game and the talents are one a part of its formulation to affect precisely that!