You’re all spoilt for selection relating to blasting Giger’s bugs along with your buddies. Not a 12 months because the launch of Aliens: Fireteam Elite, the franchise returns with a top-down tackle group xenomorph hunts with the newly introduced Aliens: Dark Descent.

And no, I do not think about that subtitle is not an Amnesia reference. 

While many of the trailer reintroduces us to the well-worn phallic monsters, the group co-op bent had us considering this can be an enlargement or sequel to final 12 months’s Fireteam Elite. But just a few transient gameplay snippets revealed this to be a top-down twin stick tackle Aliens, secretly making this a religious successor to Valve’s criminally underplayed Alien Swarm.

Dark Descent is being developed by Tindalos Interactive, the Paris-based studio behind the fairly good Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2. That’s a hell of a style soar for the studio, however hey—that have in creating hellish interstellar derelicts ought to depend for one thing.

Aliens: Dark Descent is coming to unannounced PC storefronts in 2023.