It is Lightfall day, and gamers are already discovering new particulars in Future 2’s newest growth. Those that go to the Tower earlier than jetting off to Neomuna will discover some redecorating that has occurred within the time because the game went offline for upkeep. Close to Zavala you may discover the brand new Monument to Fellowship, and with it a memorial to a long-departed NPC.

Cayde-6 was the Nathan Fillion-voiced joker of the Vanguard—the de facto leaders of the Guardians. His dying was the inciting incident of Future 2’s first growth, Forsaken, and was teased closely within the run-up to its launch again in September 2018. It was a dramatic second for followers: the primary main on-screen character to die his ultimate dying within the combat towards the Darkness.

The brand new memorial is a straightforward bust with a plaque displaying his gun, the Ace of Spades. And if you method, you may hear a choice of messages from characters within the game.

I am notably amused by Crow’s message, which you’ll hear within the embed above. “Want I may have met him… A few of the tales that I’ve heard.” That is notably ironic as a result of, earlier than he was resurrected as a Guardian, Crow was Uldren Sov, the person who murdered Cayde-6.

Beforehand gamers requested a memorial to Cayde-6’s expired ramen coupon. What Bungie has completed right here could also be a greater technique to commemorate the Hunter Vanguard—though, given he was most frequently the story’s comedian reduction, possibly not.

The memorial is not the one change within the Tower—though the opposite is decidedly extra dramatic. After the cutscene on the finish of final season, the Traveller left to satisfy The Witness head-on. Now the skies are stuffed with the ships of our allies—Awoken, Eliksni and Cabal, all collectively defending humanity’s final protected metropolis.