A game developer and software program modder has executed what Microsoft has steadfastly refused to do for years: Add a layers operate to Microsoft Paint. That is right, now you can prepare separate components of a drawing into separate teams and work together with them individually. What an idea! You will get mspaintcompanion free on itch.io, even.

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The mod is a creation of 17-year-old game developer Talon Zane, and is obtainable together with its source code at no cost. It is an attractive idea as an update to the 38 yr outdated app, and greater than something simply type of an apparent improve that I believe all of us agree is complicated on Microsoft’s half.

“That is right, now you can pile on as many layers as you must good your foolish little doodles,” says Zane, “not will you be confined to creating easy, one-layered monstrosities!” A beautiful factor for myself, as I’m a easy, one-layered monstrosity and want all the individuality I can get.

At this level there may be somebody studying this who doesn’t know why layers are essential. Why are layers essential? Nicely, they’re a normal of each main graphic design program for the final 20 years as a result of they’re simply so helpful. You possibly can good one a part of a chunk of artwork, then move to others with out risking disruption to your already-completed bits. You possibly can put a sketch on one layer and create the ultimate piece over it, or hint a reference picture—amongst many, many different makes use of.

“mspaintcompanion will not be as functionally dependable as anticipated,” warns Zane, “Extreme jank can be mounted at any time when attainable.”

Thanks Talon Zane, for guaranteeing that ms paint, a dependable and stalwart program of the home windows ecosystem which I hope won’t ever go away nor turn out to be overcomplicated and annoying. Keep in mind that time they have been going to take it away? That made me actual unhappy and I did not prefer it.

Talon Zane can also be a budding game developer. If you would like to assist Talon Zane’s work sooner or later, you are able to do so on his Patreon. You may also comply with him on Twitter.