Soon sufficient, gamers all around the world will be capable to check out Valkyrie Elysium, as a playable demo is seemingly releasing within the close to future.

As reported by PlayStation Game Size, a playable demo for the upcoming motion role-playing game by Square Enix has been noticed on the PlayStation Network database for each PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. As the game launches subsequent month on PlayStation consoles and a bit afterward PC, we should not count on a PC demo to launch on the identical time.


— PlayStation Game Size (@PsSize) August 23, 2022

Valkyrie Elysium is the most recent entry within the Valkyrie collection initially developed by tri-Ace. While the game will retain a few of the mechanics of the earlier entries within the collection, reminiscent of the power to summon Einherjar, Valkyrie Elysium will really feel completely different from its predecessors, being a full-on motion RPG.


Long in the past, Ragnarok—the End Times—loomed upon the realms.

The All-Father Odin, with the final of his power, created an emissary of redemption, Valkyrie; her sole process being the salvation of a doomed world.

High-Speed Action RPG

Effortlessly soar via the battlefield and carry out high-speed actions with the brand new Soul Chain system. Utilize a wide selection of skills and abilities on the Valkyrie’s disposal to unleash devastating combos.

Combo & Divine Arts System

The “Arts Gauge” fills as gamers carry out a steady stream of assaults and maintain combos in Valkyrie Elysium.   Consuming the Arts Gauge permits the Valkyrie to carry out highly effective, particular methods generally known as Divine Arts.

Valkyrie Elysium launches on September twenty ninth on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The game will launch on PC on November eleventh.

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