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A Strange Sound Was Heard In The Night Meaning in Stardew Valley


A Strange Sound Was Heard In The Night Meaning in Stardew Valley

On: July 27, 2023

There are a lot of interesting and weird things that can happen to your farm in Stardew Valley. It’s a magical world in Pelican Town, and even the most fantastical sorts of occurrences can happen — even when it comes from far from the Valley. This comes with the emergence of the Strange Capsule in Stardew Valley, an item with its own route of action that comes initially through a strange sound.

Thankfully, most of those events are beneficial, but some can provide problems that you need to solve. If you’ve seen the message “A Strange Sound Was Heard In The Night,” then you’ll find yourself in a fairly neutral spot, as the event is neither good nor bad for you. However, to see what it actually means for the farm, you’ll have to read on and find out about this Strange Capsule with its appearance in the night.

What Does A Strange Sound Was Heard In The Night Mean?

If you have the message “A Strange Sound Was Heard In The Night” in Stardew Valley, then you’ve stumbled upon the Strange Capsule event. That means that a strange device has landed on your farm. After some time, it will bust open, and whatever is inside has been let loose in Pelican Town. But don’t worry; whatever was in the capsule is friendly, and only really appears at night. You might see it saying hello to you during the darkness, chilling inside of the tree line. That’s if you have a sharp eye, at least.

Don’t worry at all. The “A Strange Sound Was Heard In The Night” event has no impact on gameplay, other than to give you a slightly broken Strange Capsule on your farm. You will never encounter the creature in the capsule, nor will you need to worry about the broken capsule.

Furthermore, this unique event only occurs once per save file/character. Unless a mod is installed, Stardew Valley players will encounter the Strange Capsule only once, and only after one year in the Valley.

What Happens to the Strange Capsule

Once you’ve gotten the event and have seen the capsule, you’ll see the alien every now and then. This merely occurs with an extremely rare chance, to the point where players can easily miss the figure from outer space. But if you do, most likely he’s chilling at the Bus Stop, only during the night, and is pretty hard to see; they’re usually in the background of the scene. You might see them every now and then, but you can’t really interact with them at all.

From what we have seen, this figure isn’t an established NPC with a routine, list of likes/dislikes, and potential quests. We at Guide Fall have a feeling that it might be connected to developer ConcernedApe’s upcoming title, Haunted Chocolatier. Eric Barone, the mind behind Stardew Valley and Haunted Chocolatier, tweeted once that the two games will have some sort of a connection. Of course, the latter title will have its own identity, though only time will tell here as we decipher the Strange Capsule.

And right now, that’s all the Strange Capsule does in Stardew Valley. You can’t even really do anything with the thing, so it’s probably nothing to worry about… at least, until we get some sort of additional content update for the Valley or through Haunted Chocolatier’s presentation. Imagine if we have to deal with whatever that thing is if it was hostile. If it’s friendly, perhaps we could even be roommates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do anything with the Strange Capsule?

After leaving the capsule dormant for three days to allow its breakage to occur, players can’t do anything with the out-of-space resource. They could apply Fairy Dust if they wish to break it even earlier.

How can you prevent the Strange Capsule from opening?

Placing the odd structure in a chest seems to do the trick where it does not break. If the player leaves no open tile on their farm, the random event will not happen.

Does the Strange Capsule disappear if I don’t interact with it?

Once the space capsule appears in the Valley, it shall remain there unless you interact with it or destroy it by one means or another.

Are the Strange Capsule and the strange sound at night related?

Yes, both are connected, entirely even. The Strange Capsule is the object that causes the odd sound to occur during the nighttime.