A Pokémon fan believes they noticed hints of Scarlet and Violet in Sword and Shield

Screenshot through Pokémon YouTube

As individuals proceed reeling of their pleasure for the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, a number of followers have began analyzing the latest Pokémon entries to see if there are any hints for these upcoming video games. DDD-HERO on Reddit believes they discovered a touch of Scarlet and Violet in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

In Sword and Shield, there’s a lodge known as Hotel Ionia that gamers can discover within the city known as Circhester. There are facet rooms within the foyer which might be roped off. There’s no technique to entry the facet rooms, however DDD-HERO identified that the wallpapers are nonetheless seen, and on the wallpapers, there are photographs of oranges and grapes.

The reveal trailer for Scarlet and Violet options oranges and grapes prominently. For occasion, two mounted shields characteristic the fruits on them as emblems. There’s even a bowl of fruit within the trailer as nicely. Furthermore, the colours scarlet and violet match with blood oranges and grapes.

DDD-HERO later shares that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl might also have a Scarlet and Violet reference. DDD-HERO realized that a number of the flowers within the video games have completely different colours than they do within the unique Diamond and Pearl. Instead of holding the unique colours, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl change the colour of the flowers close to the exit to Route 201 to be purple and purple, aka Scarlet and Violet.

It is unknown if these “hints” found by DDD-HERO have any fact to them, although Pokémon video games do typically conceal little teases for future titles.