Risk of Rain 2, a third-person roguelike that refuses to give up. The Survivors of the Void DLC, which includes two new characters, is one of the most recent additions. Railgunner is the non-secular successor of Risk of Rain’s Sniper character. However, there is an entirely new character known as the Void Fiend. While Railgunner is unlocked immediately after purchasing the DLC, Void Fiend must be unlocked. And in order to accomplish so, you’ll have to face the Simulacrum.

How to Unlock Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2

There are two methods for obtaining Void Fiend. The first needs you to complete the game’s alternate ending level, which takes you to the Planetarium. The second method includes achieving Wave 50 within the Simulacrum, Risk of Rain 2’s infinite-scaling issue mode.

How to Reach The Planetarium

Accessing the Planetarium can be accomplished in two ways. The simplest is to clear the Void Fields, which may be reached by dropping to the bottom of the pit in the Bazaar Beyond Time. After being cleaned, a gateway to the Planetarium will appear.

The other way to enter the Planetarium is to journey to the moon and battle the main closing boss, Mithrix. Once he’s vanquished, instead of protecting the escape ship at the beginning of the level, you’ll be able to return to where you spawned and touch the glass frog resting on the teleporter. Performing this 10 times will unlock a link to the Planetarium.

After finishing the Planetarium, you’ll be able to summon Void Fiend, a character that behaves a little differently from the other survivors. While he can cure himself, being injured causes a “corruption metre” to appear on the screen. Healing will slow the corruption, but allowing it to full will transform the Void Fiend into his corrupted form. This allows him to launch more powerful attacks on his opponents and boosts a couple of his fighting abilities. It’s a delicate balancing effort that adds a new twist to the Risk of Rain 2 gameplay cycle.

Survive to Wave 50 within the Simulacrum

To unlock Void Fiend the second way, you must first reach Wave 50 in the Simulacrum. This is the game mode that was introduced with the Survivors of the Void DLC. And, in case you weren’t aware, the Simulacrum is one of the most difficult settings in Risk of Rain 2. If you desire to unleash Void Fiend in this manner, you will need to express your most powerful creation. Fortunately, we have some ideas on how to quickly reach Wave 50.

Best Builds to Survive Simulacrum to Wave 50

The most important aspect of approaching the Simulacrum is selecting the appropriate character. In general, you should choose a tanky character. Characters like as Mul-T and Loader are solid choices for tanking injuries in the Simulacrum; however, characters with invincibility frames such as Huntress or Mercenary also work. It all depends on your particular preferences.

Survival is critical for the remaining. You’ll want to gather any items that will assist you in surviving the first several waves. Medkits, Mocha for Mul-T, Soldier’s Syringes for Huntress, and, of course, Teddy Bears are all good white gadgets.

After completing Wave 5, you will be given a Green Void Potential. This will usually result in purple products. Take the Ceremonial Dagger if it’s there. When you kill a monster, it will fire three daggers at nearby adversaries, which can set off a chain reaction of daggers. It will be really important in overcoming the waves in the game.

Picking up Harvester Sytches, Ukeleles, and Predatory Instincts will show you how to not only heal on crucial hits, but also increase your assault velocity on vital blows. These are appropriate for characters such as Mercenary, Huntress, and Mul-T. You’ll want to find a Berserker’s Pauldron for Loader mains. Because Loader’s Slam may kill two enemies at once, it will help you receive that extra boost in attack velocity to replenish your barrier.

Razor Wire is another novice item to get. With the merchandise’s influence on injury, you must be able to dig into the Void and utilise the injury you’re taking to assist you get out of tricky situations. With this in mind, it is possible to outlast in the vacuum for a longer period of time if you have the correct gear. Because adversaries will not enter the void, and the void discipline will shut in on itself after a short time, you’ll need certain gear to increase your chances of survival.

White items such as magic elixirs are useful in a hurry, but bear in mind that they are only useful once, so keeping only a few handy is advised. However, if you stumble across a Void Cradle on your run, grab the Weeping Fungus. Because it allows you to sprint and heal while also corrupting any Bustling Fungus devices you choose beforehand.