A dog can be anybody’s best friend, especially in video games. These dependable canines can assist players in various ways. Whether it means helping the player locate hidden loot or defeat a demanding boss, dogs are always an excellent addition to a party. That’s why it’s important to note the most essential hounds and pups players can walk and fight alongside. With this in mind, we’ve gathered a list of notable dogs in video games that can help the player out in one way or another.

Dogmeat from the Fallout Series

Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks.

Dogmeat is arguably the most popular dog in the apocalyptic wastelands, often appearing as different versions throughout some Fallout titles. They’re reliable, dedicating their companionship to the player in a setting where trouble waits around every corner. With Dogmeat by the player’s side, the journey through the post-Great War world is more tolerable.

Koromaru from the Persona Series

Image Credit: Atlus.

Mainly noted for being a playable canine in Persona 3, the knife-wielding Koromaru is a unique beast who helps the player after joining the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES). This tough Shiba Inu is a Persona user, and he loves to go on walks with the player; the latter can help develop the Social Link between the brave dog and the player. With Persona 3 Reload on the way, players can anticipate more dog-friendly activities to explore with Koromaru.

Chorizo from Far Cry 6

Image Credit: Ubisoft.

While Boomer from Far Cry 5 gets plenty of love, it’s only fair to show some appreciation for the little guy on wheels, Chorizo. An Amigo of Dani Rojas and the Libertad in Far Cry 6, Chorizo can help their friends look for resources with its unique smelling abilities. Additionally, the handicapped pup can distract enemies for Dani before they can go in for a kill. Dani can even pet the dog for some health regeneration as well!

D-Dog from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Image Credit: Konami.

Throughout Metal Gear Solid 5, Venom Snake will progressively watch D-Dog evolve from an adorable one-eyed pup into a lethal canine companion. This attack wolf can perform various tasks for Venom Snake while on the field, including scouting and distracting enemies. Snake can bond with D-Dog, which allows the dog-raised wolf to conduct more actions for the protagonist’s advantage. We may not see more of D-Dog in other games, though our time with the good boy in Metal Gear Solid 5 remains well in our memories.

The Mabari from Dragon Age: Origins

Image Credit: Electronic Arts.

The particular Mabari hound players can recruit in Dragon Age: Origins may not have a name, but their inclusion in the Warden’s party is notable. This warrior dog comes with its equipment and canine talents, giving the Warden combative strategies to consider while in battle. The Mabari appear in other Dragon Age titles, yet the faithful companion from the Origins installment sticks out for offering players an interactive dog to engage in the game. Moreover, the Mabari are fond of several gifts the Warden can give them throughout their time with the brutal hound.

Rush from the Mega Man Series

Image Credit: Capcom.

Mega Man has some help on his side throughout the video game franchise, and Rush is one trustworthy companion that has appeared in various titles. Rush is a robotic dog that can perform several platforming functions for Mega Man. He’s mostly known for serving the Rush Coil feature, though the red-armored canine can carry out more to help Mega Man get around. Rush has gone on to appear in other media, including as a Palamute armor for Monster Hunter Rise. He may not always be present, yet players can depend on Rush to help them accomplish specific tasks in the Mega Man games.

Riley from Call of Duty: Ghosts

Image Credit: Activision.

While Riley doesn’t appear throughout Call of Duty: Ghosts, the vicious canine is brave enough to support players in battle when he’s around. Riley can sniff out trouble, attack enemies individually, and assist the players in exploring certain levels to give them an advantage on the field. The faithful dog does show up in other Call of Duty titles, though his usefulness is fully displayed in Ghosts.

Chop from Grand Theft Auto 5

Image Credit: Rockstar Games.

Franklin Clinton’s Chop is an incredible canine who isn’t shy about hitting other dogs and biting down on enemies in Grand Theft Auto 5. While strangely invincible, Chop can interact with others in several ways. From playing fetch with Franklin to going on pleasant walks in Los Santos, this bold rottweiler is one devoted companion that will always find his way back to Franklin. Chop also appears in Grand Theft Auto Online, where players can work with him under the F. Clinton and Partner business umbrella.

Dog from Fable 2

Image Credit: Microsoft Game Studios.

The nameless, furry companion from Fable 2 can join the player’s adventures in the game quite early on. Aside from being an influential canine in Albion, the dog can help the player uncover secrets with treasure-hunting activities and defeat enemies in combat. The player will need books to help advance their dog’s abilities, and the entire process is worthwhile as they progress through Fable 2. The dog even has some unique story beats in the game, making him more than an evolving canine that players can use in the game.

That’s our list of some of the best canine companions players can interact with in video games. Others come to mind, and we’re always happy to have a dog on our side while we complete quests, defeat enemies, and collect unique loot.

In terms of video games, what other dogs can you think of?


Image Credit: Gramercy Pictures.
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