Chivalry 2
Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 is out, and there are extreme situations where players dominate the game or don’t know what’s going on. This is why you need a beginner Tips and Tricks to Chivalry 2 so that you won’t be the latter. This is a beginner’s guide to the game.

1. Do not Hurt your Teammates

We know it’s simple, but the mechanics of the game are such that you can unintentionally hurt your teammates when attacking. For example, if you are an archer and you miss, there is a good chance that you will hit your team member and he will be hurt as a result.

2. Always have an Ally around you

There are 64 enemy players in the game that you have to deal with. This can make the game very confusing. In all this chaos, it is easy to be ambushed by the enemy, and be outnumbered . In order to avoid being cornered, it is best to have at least one or two allies by your side, so that you have a little back-up.

3. Target the Right enemy class

Some classes dominate other classes. An important skill for survival in Chivalry 2 is to know what Class you have, who you can rule, and who can rule you.

4. Throw Everything that you get your Hands On

The environment of Chivalry 2 allows you to make the most of it. Basically, you can make the most of it. From chickens to wood and barrels, you can throw most of the things in the environment to the enemy. You can also shoot candlesticks to throw them into the opposing team. This trick will cause medium to long-range damage, and it will also keep you away from the counterattack

5. Prioritize the mission

You can definitely enjoy the fun of kills and increase your self-esteem through kills counting. However, if you really want to make progress in the game, we recommend that you pay more attention to the mission. If you are just for fun, kill some people. But if the enemy completes the goal before you, even if you have more kills, you will lose the game.

6. Counter over Aggressive Moves

Yes, we know this is a game full of rage. But every aggressive move consumes your stamina faster, so remember this tip about surviving the Chivalry 2 battle. So, if you see your enemy taking aggressive move, instead of just dodge and attack, resort to countering until the enemy loses his weapon. The counterattack will help you regain your strength in battle.

7. Eliminate the Banners

Classes that use banners as special abilities will place banners to restore the health of allies in the range. The trick here is that if you see any of these banners, please lower them first so that your enemies will not continue to resurrect and will not waste your energy on Chivalry 2. Otherwise everyone will come back from the dead, and this will be a bigger problem.

8. Use the Repost Method

Reposting is basically when you take the initiative to slash your weapons rather than just blocking the next move. When your opponent attacks you, you naturally continue to use blocking as a defense. Don’t do that. Move your weapon back after the first block, even if the enemy has a faster weapon, it will make you faster. It can also be used after the counter. Your enemy will be tripped, but once you successfully counter him, use this buffer time to make a blow.

9. Attack Sideways

Instead of slamming headfirst into the opponent, it is better to attack from the side behind his weapon. Even if you are face to face with the enemy, use the cursor accurately and don’t attack like crazy. Tilt your attacks and try to attack them from the side where they are most vulnerable.