7 Days to Die is full of different ways to get all of the tools and materials that you want. From quests to vendors to just scrounging around, you will be able to make whatever you need. However, there is one way to get loot that is by far the most fun; digging! There are a few opportunities to dig for treasure in this game, but you can’t just go staring at the floor and going for it. Here are a few tips if you want to dig for treasure in this survival crafting adventure.

How to Dig For Treasure in 7 Days to Die

If you want to dig for treasure in 7 Days to Die, you first need to find a treasure quest. These quests begin when you find treasure maps, typically by looting ZPacks and Point of Interest rooms. When you find the map, you will be able to activate the quest by selecting it in your inventory, where it will guide you to a location. Make sure the quest is active, and it will guide you to exactly the spot where you need to dig to acquire your loot.

Typically, treasure chests will spawn within a 500 meter radius of where you activate the quest. This means you may want to get to a wide open area before activating it. You will then be given a quest marker on the map. Start digging at the quest marker, and a shrinking radius will begin, slowly closing in on where the treasure is as you dig lower and lower. The rank 3 Treasure Hunter perk will cause the circle to shrink significantly more.

In order to dig in 7 Days to Die, you will need to equip a tool of some kind. Normally, this will be a shovel. But, it can be a pickaxe if your chest is in an unlikely rocky location. Bring both, just in case.

Chests tend to include the same loot, even though the quests go by different names. They will include cash, ores, ammo types, weapon mods, parts, and even full weapons.

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