Navezgane isn’t a kind place to reside in when you only have 7 Days to Die. Ferocious zombies await outdoors after the unfortunate events of a third World War, leaving many to rot and morph. Those who dare to fight the undead must be on their toes before the hordes ultimately come after them. The survival game is gaining more fans as the years go by, with many of them asking about cross-platform capability. It’s on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, but can players link through any crossplay features to make it through 7 Days to Die?

Does 7 Days to Die Have Crossplay?

Crossplay is partially present in 7 Days to Die, with the feature being exclusive to console users and not PC owners. In other words, Xbox and PlayStation gamers can unite in the struggle against the undead while the PC crowd will have to fend on their own. While this may change in the future, the current state of crossplay in the game has its limits, at least for now.

It’s important to note that 7 Days to Die is still in early access development from The Fun Pimps. In fact, it’s been in early access since 2013 when it first appeared for the PC and Mac platforms on December 13 of that year. Linux was shown the horror survival title the following year. It wasn’t until 2016 that the game would come to Xbox and PlayStation, which also includes the Game Pass subscription.

Ever since December 13, 2013, 7 Days to Die has been in its alpha state with Steam Early Access. Before that commencement, Kickstarter or PayPal pre-orders offered earlier versions to those who supported the game from the very beginning. It has seen its share of improvements, bugs, content swaps, cuts, and design adjustments while maintaining a loyal fanbase. Almost 9 years have passed since its initial launch, and we’re still seeing different changes during the Alpha phase.

So, even though crossplay is only available for console users, 7 Days to Die has yet to fully release. This means that we could see fully-functional cross-platform support possibly soon, considering how popular and accessible the multiplayer feature is these days.

7 Days to Die is available now on Early Access for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

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