The top-down puzzle game Dorfromantik from Berlin studio Toukana Interactive is now available for early access. Here are some, tips and tricks from Dorfromantik, so you can start your escapist adventure and make your world look fresh before the Oktoberfest.

1. Know the score

Scoring in Dorfromantik works as follows:

  • 10 points for each edge you correctly match
  • 60 points for each perfect tile arrangement
  • 100 points for each standard quest you complete
  • 150 points for each triangle quest you complete

2. Earn the Tiles

At the beginning of each Dorfromantik game you use a stack of 30 hexagonal tiles. As you progress, you will get tasks, you can complete these tasks to earn tiles, you can use these tiles to complete tasks, etc.

  • 5 tiles for finishing a standard quest (plus or exact)
  • 8 tiles for finishing a triangle quest (plus or exact, a flag is placed when completed)
  • 1 tile for completing a perfect tile arrangement. When all six sides of one of your tiles matches with neighboring tiles of the same type.

3. Study the tiles

Know the maximum limits of the tiles:

  • Up to 7 houses on a tile (every edge, plus the centre)
  • Around 30 trees on a full tree tile
  • Up to 3 fields on a tile
  • Tracks can travel in up to 4 directions
  • All-water tiles (informally known as lakes)

4. Take some help

Just place the current tile where you think it is most suitable and keep changing its direction. Consider which groups you want to add and spend time experimenting with different positions and different tile orientations. Hovering the mouse over the quest symbol will indicate in which direction you can expand the existing group, and display a different color on the edge of the board for each geographic area. These are the following:

  • Houses in red
  • Trees in green
  • Fields in yellow (for the default biome)
  • Water in blue
  • Railroads in brown

5. Go have some fun

Although you may be stressed by not getting the exact parts you need, potential game errors, and tasks that seem to be impossible to complete. Just remember: Dorfromatnik is designed to make you feel at ease. There is no time limit, so you can play at your own pace. Take time to rest between and during games. Being in a relaxed state of mind can help you see the board more clearly and get the highest score you have been chasing.