Right here we’re within the dystopian future where main game bulletins aren’t made in entrance of crowds of cheering followers at a packed E3 however in some Twitter slides of a gaggle technique update for long-term product outlooks. As a substitute of feeling goosebumps in your arms because the orchestra swells for a bombastic teaser trailer, perhaps you may hear the sound of a inventory ticker reporting marginal day by day positive factors. Really feel the frenzy, videogame followers!

That is how we realized right now that one other Cyberpunk 2077 game, codenamed Orion, is within the works. Or at the least it may be within the works. We truthfully do not know way more, aside from this assertion: “Orion is a codename for our subsequent Cyberpunk game, which is able to take the Cyberpunk franchise additional and proceed harnessing the potential of this darkish future universe.”

If the announcement itself lacks drama, at the least the timing is great: Cyberpunk 2077 is experiencing an upswell in curiosity, reward, and participant numbers following the arrival of the Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime sequence. The game has additionally acquired some fairly huge updates to over the previous yr which have squashed bugs and added long-requested options.

However we won’t neglect absolutely the bathroom of a launch Cyberpunk 2077 skilled when it was launched in 2020. I do not imply in gross sales—it offered a ton, and continues to. I imply in CD Venture’s determination to say the game was achieved after which promote it in an unfinished state after forcing its staff to crunch after which blaming them for the obvious points.

How can CD Projekt keep away from all that with Orion? Here is a number of classes to be realized from the unique Cyberpunk 2077.

Simply name it an Early Entry game

Many of the rage, disappointment, and unhappiness stemming from the unique Cyberpunk 2077 may have been alleviated by two easy phrases: Early Entry. That is what Cyberpunk 2077 was: an unfinished game that wanted at the least one other two years of growth. I’ve mentioned it earlier than, and I assume I will preserve saying it as a result of I am nonetheless irritated that CDP wasn’t simply upfront about it.

I am certain honestly labeling the unique Cyberpunk 2077 as an Early Entry game would have meant fewer gross sales initially, since many players are skeptical (and rightly so) of Early Entry. However it could have solved plenty of issues: CD Projekt may have began getting cash from a game that had been in growth for nearly a decade, everybody’s expectations would have been tempered, impatient followers may have had an opportunity to play it instantly, others may have fortunately waited for the 1.0 model (coming in mid-2023), and it could have taken quite a lot of strain off the folks engaged on the game. 

Additionally, y’know, it could have been sincere.

And after I was enjoying a mission where I used to be pursued by the cops and people cops immediately vanished the second I turned my head, my response would not have been “Wow, this game is trash.” It might have been, “Haha, early entry!”

Construct a smaller world with extra in it 

(Picture credit score: CD Projekt)

The world of Cyberpunk 2077 is large. Enormous! It is also startlingly empty. There’s positively one thing alluring a few large open world where the borders really feel like they stretch for miles, and I bear in mind feeling deeply impressed by simply how a lot Cyberpunk 2077 was in Cyberpunk 2077. I spent plenty of time simply hitting the highway and exploring.

However that was very hardly ever rewarding. Cyberpunk 2077 turned out to be a world with rather a lot to take a look at however not a lot to essentially do. I had fun whereas I used to be enjoying quests, however taking a break to see what else the world supplied hardly ever resulted in something tangible. Town is filled with robotic NPCs and random actions are almost all equivalent gang fights, however I discovered little or no that did not really feel fully synthetic. why your telephone rings continuously whilst you’re driving round? As a result of if it did not there’d be nothing to do however drive. Larger is not essentially higher, and Cyberpunk Orion ought to function a smaller world however one with extra to do in it.

Create a compelling important character 

(Picture credit score: CD Projekt)

I understand that “Simply write a terrific character!” is not helpful recommendation. However I should not should open photomode and apply poses to V simply to have some enjoyable with him. V is not a terrific important character—at the least compared to CDP’s different main man, Geralt (of Rivia). When the Cyberpunk anime sequence was first introduced, was anybody clamoring to see V in it? Did anybody cry “Who’s going to play V?” I do not suppose so, and perhaps that is an indication your important character is a forgettable dud. I imply, think about if The Witcher TV sequence did not trouble that includes Geralt. The world would have burned.

I assume nearly anybody could be overshadowed by the presence of Keanu Reeves, however that is not an excuse for writing a boring and underwhelming important character, particularly since there have been plenty of attention-grabbing and well-written characters within the game. Selecting your background turned out to be solely inconsequential as gamers had been funneled into the primary story inside minutes of the introduction. With Orion, spend extra effort making your participant really feel like they’re the star, as a substitute of simply giving them a star to hang around with.

Do not tack on multiplayer except there is a good cause 

(Picture credit score: CD Projekt)

Multiplayer was introduced for Cyberpunk 2077, after which later we had been informed it could be a post-launch function, and… nicely, we have not heard something since. So far as I can inform it wasn’t formally canceled however CDP hasn’t talked about it ever once more. This tells me it is in all probability canceled, but in addition that it wasn’t all that essential to the game to start with. It is too unhealthy: I may positively see the attraction of multiplayer, notably with the invasion-like methods you see in Watch Canine or Darkish Souls, or co-op shenanigans just like the Far Cry sequence or Dying Mild 2.

However multiplayer is not important for an open world RPG, and if there’s not a terrific cause for it do not tack it on simply so as to add a bullet to the function listing. An underwhelming or uninteresting multiplayer mode is not going to do a lot for the longevity of an RPG, and Cyberpunk 2077 is ok (and at present flying) with out it. Multiplayer a straightforward promise to make, however do not make it after which have to interrupt it.

Then again, we do not know something about Orion and doubtless will not for a number of years. Possibly Orion is a multiplayer Cyberpunk game, full-stop? In that case, ignore what I simply mentioned.

Go third-person

(Picture credit score: CD Projekt)

Play to your strengths, right? The shooting in Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t notably good, you were not assured sufficient within the driving to make it first-person-only, third-person labored nice with The Witcher, and since Cyberpunk is kind of making an attempt to be GTA anyway, you may as nicely go all the way in which. And albeit, in a game about wanting cool and classy, it would be good to really see my character every so often with out having to hunch over the lavatory sink.