Baldur’s Gate 3 is an enormous game (and a extremely good game, at the very least to this point) and entering into it for the primary time is each thrilling and intimidating. With a lot to see and do (and kill) (and loot) (and so forth) it is onerous to not get distracted.

Not that there is something improper with getting distracted, thoughts you—however when you set out boldly in search of journey in far-flung places you are certain to overlook a bit one thing nearer to house. You would possibly even miss one thing within the game’s opening sequence. If you wish to ensure you are not skipping over one thing essential—or possibly simply one thing cool and fascinating—we have gathered collectively 5 belongings you should not miss throughout the first handful of hours to sink into Baldur’s Gate 3.

Hell of a weapon: Get a cool flaming sword earlier than you end the prologue

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Where: The nautiloid

The tip of the prologue is a race in opposition to time to achieve the thoughts flayer ship’s controls and teleport it elsewhere earlier than devils and dragons overwhelm you. Besides, because it seems, you even have fairly a little bit of time—and there’s a reward for dawdling only a bit.

Through the sequence you will see an enormous satan commander being held at bay by a thoughts flayer. You are supposed to only go away them to it, however when you assist the thoughts flayer kill him, you may loot his physique and get a magic greatsword with +d4 hearth injury—nice for upping Lae’zel’s injury and setting off oil swimming pools within the early going. It appears badass too. 

You do need to be a bit cautious, although—as soon as the satan is lifeless, if the thoughts flayer continues to be alive it would flip hostile, and the cambion reinforcements will in all probability catch as much as your place. At that time you might want to get out of there quick. The sneaky method is to ship one get together member forward in order that they’re already on the console able to go as soon as you’ve got acquired your loot. And no, it isn’t price sticking round even longer to kill the thoughts flayer too—I checked, they solely have a single gem. 

Shrewd undead dude: Add a extremely helpful character to your camp

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Where: Dank Crypt, simply north of the seaside you crashed on

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5 belongings you actually should not miss within the first 5 hours of Baldur's Gate 3

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Each get together has issues. Perhaps you wind up hating somebody, probably even your self. Or possibly somebody dies a horrible agonizing demise and it is all of your fault. Fortunately there is a character who will help with these points, and for an inexpensive value.

Withers is an historical corpse who’s nonetheless acquired a whole lot of life left in him, and he’ll be more than pleased to spend time at your camp, resurrecting your fallen comrades for 200 gold a pop or summoning hirelings to fill gaps in your crew for a fair hundie. He is additionally the one one who can even respec you if you wish to swap classes. And he is simply type of a cool, bizarre man to have round usually.

North of the seaside where the ship crashed you will discover Shadowheart making an attempt to enter an historical break. If you cannot choose that lock (it is fairly onerous) there are different entrances close by. When you’re contained in the Dank Crypt be aware of gasoline and hearth traps that may flip one chamber right into a barbecue pit, and thru some heavy oak doorways to the north you will discover a room with a statue. Go a notion test on the aspect of the statue and you will see a button. Push it (and kill the undead within the room who pop again to life) and you will find the sarcophagus containing Withers. 

After a fast chat, he’ll bounce, and you will find him stationed at your camp from then on. Remember to loot his sarcophagus after. He does not appear to thoughts.

Oliver Grift: Deliver your rogue to the tiefling get together 

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Where: Emerald Grove

It is price having a rogue (like Astarion, except you are taking part in a customized character) take level whenever you speak to the youngsters among the many tiefling refugees at Emerald Grove. They are going to, within the method of Clever Dodgers in all places, attempt to pull a quick one on you. For those who’re a rogue you will get a bunch of distinctive dialogue choices all through as you see their tried scams and name them out. 

It is a enjoyable scene, turning issues round on the cleverclogs children, and when you play it right you may befriend these novice guttersnipes. They actually simply want somebody to step in and play a parental function. As a substitute, they’re going to get you.

Lump’s Battle Horn: Your individual ogre strike squad  

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Where: Close to the again of the Blighted Village

As we have discovered, there are sometimes methods round a few of Baldur’s Gate 3’s trickier fights, however for any you merely cannot get out of you will be glad to have Lump’s Battle Horn in your again pocket. Within the goblin-controlled Blighted Village, go to the three ogres hanging out in a home close to the again. With the appropriate ability checks, Lump the Enlightened will agree to provide you a battle horn that, when sounded, will name him and his two mates to battle by your aspect. They’re three stage 4 ogres with about 60 health every, in order that they’re no joke. The catch is that they will kill every little thing round. They will make an effort to spare your get together, however hold your allies and innocents out of the crossfire.

Begin off by convincing Lump to not eat you by passing a average deception test. Sealing the deal for the horn is harder. I used to be in a position to try a DC 20 roll in both persuasion or intimidation. You too can take the simpler DC 10 roll in deception to supply Lump 1,000 gold to battle for you, however that is not a hook I needed to place myself on.

Examine Kagha: That imply druid is as much as no good 

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Where: Emerald Grove

Once I first made it to the Grove and acquired my bearings, I figured all I needed to do was discover Halsin the archdruid to carry an finish to his #2 Kagha’s reign of terror, however there’s truly much more to it. Kagha’s performing some shady dealings beneath the desk, and I am prepared to guess you might want to end this quest to get the happiest potential ending for the druids’ house.

It is fairly well-hidden, however there is a secret chest within the Silvanus Grove servants’ quarters simply off the principle entrance where you first meet Kagha. In it, you will discover secret correspondence and a quest marker to research the interim archdruid. I will keep away from spoiling an excessive amount of about what occurs, however I’ll say that whenever you attain the hunt marker within the swamp, burn the glowing green brambles by the tree when you’re having bother seeing your goal.