There are many fantastic female protagonists in games, and some of them are a household staple in gaming for many. From protagonists aimed at young children to absolute powerhouses in horror games, here are some of the best female protagonists in gaming.

27. Princess Peach – Super Mario Bros.

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Princess Peach has been a staple in the Super Mario Bros franchise for a long time. So much so that she now has her own spinoff titles in which she is the protagonist! From titles like Super Princess Peach to Mario Party and, soon enough, Princess Peach: Showtime!, she is an iconic character and a fantastic protagonist to boot.

26. Yuna – Final Fantasy 10

Image Credit: Square Electronic Arts.

Yuna is beloved by many, and it’s not hard to see why. She serves as the main protagonist in Final Fantasy 10-2 but also plays a huge part in the story of Final Fantasy 10. Her story is extensive and heartbreaking, and she’s a pretty good fighter, too. Yuna is a great female protagonist and deserves all of the love.

25. Yennefer of Vengerberg – The Witcher 3

Image credit: CD Projekt.

Yennefer is a complicated character who appears frequently in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Not only is she one of Geralt’s love interests, but her story alone is complicated, and she is an incredibly strong and resilient woman. Her story is worth exploring, and her relationship with Geralt and Ciri is equally beautiful and heartwarming (if not a little frustrating at times).

24. Ada Wong – Resident Evil 4

Image Credit: Capcom.

Ada Wong is iconic and is one of the best characters in the Resident Evil franchise. She is not the typical protagonist as she starts as a villain but eventually makes her way up to anti-hero status after realizing her mistakes. She has some of the best character development in Resident Evil, and as a result, it makes Ada Wong a fantastic female protagonist. 

23. 2B – NieR: Automata

Image Credit: Square Enix.

2B is one of three playable characters in NieR: Automata, and she is absolutely fantastic. She has a devastatingly sad story, which makes her one of the more complex characters in the game. As a result, she is lovable and one of the best characters in NieR: Automata. 

22. Evie Frye – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Image Credit: Ubisoft.

Evie is one of two protagonists in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, and she has some truly iconic scenes throughout the game. Her moments in the game are special, and Evie soon became a fan favorite due to her mannerisms as a Victorian British assassin.

21. Chloe Frazer – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

While Uncharted usually focuses on Nathan Drake, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was a refreshing change of pace. Instead, you focus on Chloe Frazer and her relationship with Nadine, the villain of Uncharted 4. 

As usual, there is plenty of witty banter and snide remarks to go around, but this time, it’s between two leading ladies who make the experience a ton of fun. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was a great game, allowing Chloe Frazer to become one of the best female protagonists in gaming.

20. Alyx Vance – Half-Life: Alyx

Image Credit: Valve.

While Half-Life: Alyx isn’t the most accessible game, as it is a VR-only experience, you can play a great character named Alyx Vance. Alyx has a lot weighing on her shoulders as she is humanity’s only chance at survival. You get to play her through an epic experience as you fight off monsters and take down the Combine.

19. Aloy – Horizon: Zero Dawn

Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Aloy is the main protagonist in a truly epic adventure. While she is an outcast from her tribe, that doesn’t stop her from being an absolute powerhouse in her own right. Taking down colossal machines and being adept in archery, crafting, and hunting, Aloy has no trouble surviving and standing on her own two feet.

18. Princess Zelda – The Legend of Zelda

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Princess Zelda has been a staple in The Legend of Zelda franchise since the birth of the franchise. We have seen her grow and evolve across many different titles, grow into her powers, and save the world alongside her trusty companion, Link.

17. Tifa Lockhart – Final Fantasy 7

Image Credit: Square Enix.

One of the many playable characters in Final Fantasy 7, Tifa Lockhart is a fan favorite. It’s not hard to see why, either. With incredible strength and great relationships with the surrounding characters, Tifa is a gentle soul and a strong fighter. Tifa is certainly one of the best female protagonists in gaming.

16. Ellie – The Last of Us

Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment.

Ellie starts as a scared little girl but becomes a strong survivor and fighter. While she relies heavily on Joel in the first game, she becomes a terror in the second game. Ellie is a lot of fun to play and a force to be reckoned with.

15. Clementine – The Walking Dead

Image Credit: Telltale Games.

Clementine has some fantastic character development from where she begins in the first game. Starting as a timid child, she grows into her own and stands strong on her own two feet. Meeting great people and some truly awful ones along the way, Clementine always manages to make it out on the other side.

14. Jill Valentine – Resident Evil 3

Image Credit: Capcom.

Jill Valentine is lovable and a fan favorite in the Resident Evil community. Making her debut in the first Resident Evil, she stars as the main character in Resident Evil 3. Trying to survive in a zombie-ridden town, she also has Nemesis to contend with. In an epic story of survival, Jill Valentine comes out on top, making her a fantastic female protagonist. 

13. Faith Connors – Mirror’s Edge

Image Credit: Electronic Arts.

While we don’t get to know much about Faith Connors in the first Mirror’s Edge game, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is where she really shines. While you play as her and parkour through bright backdrops and transport items to others, she has some complex storylines to accompany her missions. 

12. Heather Mason – Silent Hill 3

Image Credit: Konami.

Heather Mason is the main character in Silent Hill 3, the daughter of the protagonist in the first Silent Hill. You play as a young teenager who has to work her way through a terrifying world that begins to fracture and descend into madness. 

She carries herself very well throughout this horrific story and has some great independence throughout the story. As a result, Heather Mason is definitely one of the best female protagonists in gaming.

11. Kassandra – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Image Credit: Ubisoft.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey lets you play as a woman for the entire game, and Kassandra is that very lovable woman. She has some great survival skills and becomes known as the Eagle Bearer. Not only that, but she is suave and can charm anyone she meets in quick succession.

10. Madeline – Celeste

Image Credit: Maddy Makes Games, Inc.

Celeste is a beautifully created game that tackles difficult topics of anxiety, personal fears, and existential crisis. Madeline is the main character of this game, and she is the one who is usually experiencing these emotions. It’s a stunning game with a great story, and Madeline is a heartfelt female protagonist.

9. Samus Aran – Metroid

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Samus Aran has been a household name for decades and is one of the best female protagonists in gaming. She was one of the first female protagonists in a mainstream video game, which shocked many players worldwide.

Samus is a great fighter and has many abilities that she can utilize to fend for herself against monsters. 

8. Bayonetta – Bayonetta

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Bayonetta is flirtatious and beautifully dressed, but that’s not what makes her a great female protagonist. Instead, it’s her tough exterior and her ability to fend for herself in battle. Fighting with kicks, guns, and high heels, there isn’t anything that Bayonetta can’t do!

7. Amanda Ripley – Alien: Isolation

Image Credit: Sega.

The daughter of Ellen Ripley, Amanda Ripley, is exploring a spaceship for answers. Instead, she has to fight for survival on this ship against rogue Androids and Xenomorphs to boot. While she could cower in fear, she fights these enemies off in epic battles with guns, stun grenades, and even a flamethrower. What’s not to love?

6. Aurora – Child of Light

Image Credit: Ubisoft.

Aurora is a powerful and beautiful female protagonist. She stands out from the crowd as a young girl stuck in a fairy tale book, struggling to grieve the death of her mother. Along the way, Aurora is gifted the power of light and has to use it to fight back against the darkness.

5. Stella – Spiritfarer

Image Credit: Thunder Lotus Games.

Stella becomes the new Spiritfarer, in charge of transporting the deceased to the afterlife. She is a kind and caring soul herself and is joined by her cat, Daffodil. While the game is a slow burn, her story is revealed the further you get into the game. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful and one worth playing.

4. Mae Borowski – Night in the Woods

Image Credit: Finji.

Mae Borowski is a surprisingly complex character for a cute little cat. She has some funny and relatable moments as she goes through her own existential crisis. Not only this, but her relationship with her friends and parents goes through waves of strain, weighing heavily on Mae. 

Night in the Woods is a fantastic game that tackles complex topics, and Mae Borowski is one of the best female protagonists out there.

3. Senua – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Image Credit: Ninja Theory.

In a terrifying game, Senua is the protagonist of her own game. She is a young Viking woman who is battling against her mental health and faces some immense struggles along the way. In terms of recent female protagonists, Senua is one of the best we have seen in a while.

Her story is phenomenal and one that many can relate to. If there is any game you should play, it’s this one.

2. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Image Credit: Crystal Dynamics.

Lara Croft has been the protagonist of the Tomb Raider franchise since its fruition in 1996. Cocky and confident, she’s a pistol-wielding powerhouse who has to fight off enemies. From humans to Atlanteans to tigers, she’s killed them all. Not only that, but she is excellent at solving puzzles and getting the job done. 

There is nothing that isn’t lovable about this iconic female protagonist. 

1. Alex – Life is Strange: True Colors

Image Credit: Square Enix.

Alex Chen is a beautifully crafted female protagonist who experiences complex emotions as she goes through her adventures in Haven Springs. Equipped with psychic powers, she can read the auras of people around her, allowing her to read and manipulate emotions. This proves to be beneficial throughout the game, as you can choose how to react to these people and combat your emotions.

That concludes our list of the best female protagonists in gaming. Who is your favorite female protagonist?