When you get excited about a TV show, it’s unfortunate whenever it loses its spark and falls from grace. Even so, this is a regular occurrence in the entertainment world that we should be used to by now. These TV shows triumphed on our screens for a while but suffered the most drastic downfalls.

1. Westworld

Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

When we first watched Westworld, it was intriguing enough to keep you on screen for hours. I remember going to bed after an episode, reviewing the storyline, and getting excited about what would come.

The plot quickly dwindled, and the production stated that it couldn’t afford its high budget. The ratings went lower and lower, leaving us with bits and pieces of a story we desired a proper ending to.

2. Heroes

Image Credit: NBC Universal Television Studio.

 We all love some good action and want to see heroes win, but the writer’s strike left the show with so much to desire. Its producers had to create quick plots and storylines to tie up what they believed were “loose ends” amid the ongoing chaos. Talk about feeling deflated!

3. Glee

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

When I first watched Glee, I remember thinking the show would rock our screens as there weren’t many like it. And it did! Watching Leah Michelle in her glory was all I needed after a long day at work. But the more recognition it got, the more the story became heavier, and the characters took themselves so seriously. That’s right when it started losing its appeal. 

4. Empire

Image Credit: 20th Television.

Empire’s first and second seasons were everything you could ever ask for from a powerful black family that dominated the music business. The plot was flowing, the characters looked good on screen, and the show managed to draw us into its world of greed, romance, and turmoil, making us question everything we stand for. But when one of its main characters got caught up in a serious legal situation, and the writers’ pen ran dry with good ideas, we watched the show’s ratings steadily decline.

5. Grey’s Anatomy

Image Credit: ABC Signature.

We followed through the first nine seasons of Grey’s Anatomy rather delightfully. In all honesty, there were a few scenes and storylines that seemed a bit off, but the entertaining drama and medical cases made up for its shortcomings. However, when Lexie died in its ninth season, Derek died in season 11, and Kristina left, there was nothing left to watch! These characters carried the show and often made us tune in.

6. Pretty Little Liars

Image Credit: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

As I watched the show from start to finish, it fell flat in its fifth season, and that would have been a great place to end the story.

But producers decided for two more seasons that didn’t bring the show any new elements. I wasn’t even interested in finding out A’s real identity. It left me feeling meh.

7. House of Cards

Image Credit: Netflix.

House Of Cards suffered its drastic downfall due to one of Kevin Spacey’s legal situations. Our motivations grew vague as scandals unfolded, and we could no longer take seriously what the show was trying to do.

In all fairness, I imagine giving your best performance amidst legal trouble would be challenging. The show had its breakthrough moments but didn’t quite hit the mark and was arguably already headed on a downward spiral before Spacey left the show.

8. Riverdale

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Studios.

Riverdale’s first season made it the most talked about show in the streets. The writers were witty, the scenes slapped, and the characters delivered. With millions of viewers tuning in consistently, it brought much entertainment. Sadly, its second season was, at best, cringe to watch. It lost the plot, and viewers complained online that the storylines were worsening. To bring the agony to an end, the show made a massive jump seven years later, rushed through scenes to conclude, and put us out of our misery.

9. Wayward Pines

Image Credit: FX Productions.

The show’s first season was a true breakthrough and won over viewers. 

In the second season, Wayward Pines brought in disappointing and lukewarm reviews. The story was unraveling too quickly, and there was no time to process one thing before another happened. Members of the site state that it would have been better to wrap up the story in one season.

10. Misfits

Image Credit: Channel 4 Television Corporation.

When Misfits debuted, we met juvenile delinquents who stole our hearts with their quirky nature and traces of the power they purchased. Nathan Young still rings a bell because he made for all my favorite scenes in the show. But as the story progressed, the main characters were nowhere to be found, and it was difficult to connect with the new faces, sending the show into a downward spiral.

11. True Detective

Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

With a thriving first season, all drama lovers had high expectations of True Detective. It shattered our dreams when its second season came on with ill-fitted characters and a more self-indulgent Pizzolato who left a bad taste in my mouth.

12. Joan of Acardia

Image Credit: CBS Productions.

Joan of Arcadia reminds me of my teenage youth! I’m afraid its theme song stays in my mind. When ratings dramatically declined after its first season, the show faced an axe when it lost two million viewers in one month; it became even more complex to keep airing. It all came to an unsatisfying end when the reigning monarchs betrayed Joan.