The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed our lives. While some things have returned to how they were before, others haven’t and arguably never will. Here are 12 things that have yet to recover from the global shutdown. 

1 – Stores Being Open 24/7

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While some places in major cities are open 24/7, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a big-box retailer in the suburbs returning to their previously 24-hour policy. The days of venturing to Walmart at three in the morning seem all but over.

I miss the days of my Meijer across the street being open all night. 

2 – Doctor Availability

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It shouldn’t be surprising that doctors are busier than ever following a global pandemic, but it still needs to be said. Having to make an appointment months in advance is not a good situation to be in. The same is true for vets as well; they’re just as busy!

3 – Used Car Prices

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Like many things, used cars have skyrocketed in price. One person recounts how they purchased a brand-new Honda Civic in 2018 and sold it nearly four years later for a small profit. 

4 – The Cost of Food

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Cars aren’t the only thing that’s more expensive. Remember when McDonald’s had the dollar menu? Now, it’s more like the three-dollar menu. A McDouble is nowhere near as affordable as it used to be!

5 – Measurement of Time

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For some, 2020 still feels like it happened just yesterday. The years following COVID-19 have blown by to the fact that it’s mind-boggling that 2016 happened nearly ten years ago. 

6 – Office Real Estate

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To some, a “benefit” of the pandemic is the growth of working remotely from home. As a result, formerly busy office parks are becoming more and more vacant. With employers no longer requiring people to work in the office, these formerly fully leased office areas are seeing more and more vacancies than ever before. 

7 – Our Wasitlines

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Remember when we had that two-week lockdown? It felt like a staycation: no work, relaxing on the couch, and ordering takeout to keep local restaurants in business. 

Here we are, three years later, and we can’t get rid of the “COVID-19 [pounds].”

8 – Teachers Are Leaving The Profession

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It turns out that being hassled by parents for minimum wage isn’t something people want to keep doing. Students are years behind in education, have shorter attention spans, and their parents are becoming less and less patient. 

9 – Our Mental Health

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As 2020 rolled on, there was pushback from the general public regarding safety measures. People were ready to move on from COVID-19 and put it all behind us. Unfortunately, that’s not something everyone is capable of. As a result, mental health continues to decline. 

10 – Urges To Leave The House

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They are getting out of the house and mingling in public spaces, which used to be a regular activity for people. After COVID-19, however, people become less likely to do this. The days of shopping in person are falling due to our uneasiness about crowded places. 

11 – Childhood Education

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There are a multitude of reasons why childhood education has yet to recover since the COVID-19 pandemic fully. Attendance has been affected due to more children being homeschooled. A more significant issue is the large number of teachers leaving the profession. 

12 – Our Physical Stamina

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While many people, like myself, have never tested positive for COVID-19, there are still lingering issues that we’re experiencing. Long COVID can longer for months and even years. Symptoms include struggles breathing and a lack of physical endurance and stamina. 


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