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12 Film Plot Holes With Completely Legitimate Explanations


12 Film Plot Holes With Completely Legitimate Explanations

On: January 4, 2024

Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Plot holes may be an unlucky a part of a film. They lead to tales that make no sense, complicated the viewer. Some plot holes, just like the one talked about right here, exist for completely legitimate causes. 

Let’s evaluate 12 such examples. 

1 – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Picture Credit score: Paramount Photos.

After the occasions of Raiders of the Misplaced Ark, many individuals marvel why Dr. Jones is so skeptical about mystical occasions. There’s a superb rationalization for his skepticism in Temple of Doom: it’s a prequel. 

2 – The Terminator

Picture Credit score: Orion Photos.

Sarah Connor isn’t an professional in machines and manufacturing gear. So how does she know what button to press to crush the Terminator? Straightforward; she by chance pressed it a couple of minutes prior. 

3 – Citizen Kane

Picture Credit score: RKO Radio Photos.

Whereas “Rosebud” is likely one of the best mysteries on this basic movie, it’s essential to know that considered one of Charles Foster Kane’s servants was exterior his bed room when Kane stated “Rosebud.” Later, The dialogue confirmed {that a} butler heard Kane’s dying phrases and reported it to the paper. 

4 – Associates

Picture Credit score: Warner Bros. Tv.

How did everybody afford to pay for his or her residences in New York Metropolis? Monica defined it within the first episode of Associates: her grandmother owned the condominium. Plus, it was rent-controlled. 

5 – The Sixth Sense

Picture Credit score: Buena Vista Photos Distribution.

Spoiler alert: Bruce Willis is useless your complete time throughout this basic M. Evening Shyamalan movie. How does he not know this? The film explains it: ghosts solely see what they need to see. 

6 – Again to The Future

Picture Credit score: Common.

Folks all the time love declaring that the DeLorean is a awful automobile. Marty factors that out within the movie’s opening moments, saying, “You constructed a time machine out of a DeLorean?!” The automobile isn’t well-known by itself however due to Again to the Future. 

7 – Combat Membership

Picture Credit score: twentieth Century Fox.

The primary rule of Combat Membership is that you don’t speak about Combat Membership. It’s additionally the second rule. Then how achieve this many individuals study it? Easy; the entire level is to show its members that guidelines are supposed to be damaged. 

8 – Titanic

Picture Credit score: Paramount Photos.

Everybody has requested why Rose didn’t let Jack on the door; they’ll each match!

Sorry to burst your bubble. That’s not true; it started to sink when Jack tried to leap on.

9 – Legally Blonde

Photograph Credit score: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

First impressions of the Reese Witherspoon movie point out that the character of Elle Woods is a dumb blonde. That’s not the case, although; she’s proven efficiently interrogating a salesman within the first scene. Woods is good however stereotyped due to her appears. 

10 – Star Wars

Picture Credit score: twentieth Century-Fox.

Ever marvel why Obi-Wan Kenobi doesn’t use the Jedi Thoughts Trick on everyone? He explains that it solely works on the “weak-minded.” Luke Skywalker forgot this when he unsuccessfully tried to apply it to Jaba in Return of the Jedi. 

11 – The Matrix Reloaded

Picture Credit score: Warner Bros. Photos.

When Neo is speaking to the architect within the movie’s climatic moments, many (myself included) imagine that the screens of Neo behind the architect had been previous examples of “The One.” This isn’t the case; As an alternative, it’s the machines predicting Neo’s responses. 

12 – Jurassic World

Picture Credit score: Common Photos.

You’re in all probability questioning how Claire, in heels, thoughts you, was capable of outrun a T-Rex. It’s easy: the T-Rex wasn’t chasing her. 

Dinosaurs, like T-Rex, can have their feeding time conditioned; it was patiently following Claire in anticipation of a meal. 


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I’m the Editor-In-Chief of BossLevelGamer. I am additionally a lover of video video games, meals, and beer.